Friday, May 21, 2010

The Gatekeeper of Oneness

“You are the gatekeeper”

I heard these words on day in meditation, but what could they mean? I am not accustomed to hearing or seeing much of anything in meditation. At best I feel a tingling sensation or a feeling of peace. At worst I feel only the numberless distractions of the body and mind: tension, an itch, a muscle pain, or thoughts from the day before, or what’s for lunch.

Why would these enigmatic words suddenly pop into my head? I began a contemplation of the gatekeeper. And I discovered that we all may be gatekeepers.

A gatekeeper lives on the border, watches the gate and holds the keys that allow the doors to be opened so that others may pass through. I’ve always loved the borders, the fringes of thought where seemingly different ideas find something in common. We find these places of commonality between things like music and mathematics, science and religion, nature and spirit, or anything else if we look deeply enough.

The more deeply we look within the more we experience unity as we feel the interconnectedness of all things, the Oneness. Oneness is an eternal infinite space which by definition contains everything. The very definition lacks definition since it can never be held or described fully by the mind. It is a fearful place for the mind which makes its way by division and identification with the parts.

Oneness is fearful for the mind because we stand on the edge of an abyss afraid of the loss of our small self. So the mind has created walls more substantial and enduring than the Great Wall of China to protect us from the abyss of the unknown.

As our souls descended into the myth of separation a whole series of walls were built inside of us to allow us to experience the layers of our individuality. But these walls were not meant to trap us in separation and aloneness. Each wall was installed with a door, a gateway, and a set of keys is always available to the gatekeeper who silently waits and watches those who approach the infinite, the Great Mystery of Creation.

Those who become acquainted with the gatekeeper will begin one by one to unlock the inner doors of wonder and innocence which lead by gradual steps back to the place of Oneness. In the loving heart of Oneness nothing is lost, not even the sense of individuality so highly prized by the little mind.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Silent Watcher

Fox has always been close ally of Earth Service ever since the first Issue of Animal Balance Journal. Fox embodies reassurance of the eternal presence and of the higher intelligence within each one of us.

/\ ~*~ /\

Fox, I invite you to speak…

I am here in this cycle for the Earth Mother to show you the way
of balance with brother Hawk. I am of the Earth and make my
home in the earth keeping a warm den for my family. I am her
eyes and ears silently watching you in the night. I observe all that
is and I am here for you to show you that aspect of your Self that
is the unseen Silent Watcher.

As Hawk is the message bringer I am the message bearer, the
vessel. I am that which gives form to the formless creative Spirit. I
am active at night, dawn, and dusk patiently stalking the highest
good. Watch the silent activity of your dreams now as they bring
you new details, insights and questions. What is being activated in
your life? As it has been said, “Live your questions” allow the
answers to fall when they are ripe. Don’t be like the Fox in the
story that complains of “sour grapes.”

I move swiftly and change direction easily even climbing up trees
when necessary. Be flexible like that and be forgiving, first to
yourself, then to All Unconditionally.

That is all for now. Thank you for this opportunity to share the
wisdom of the Earth, the wisdom of the Grandmothers.