Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Emptiness Opens to Creativity

Dragonfly, You have danced in the wind and light of Summer
playfully tugging my heartstrings. My Mind wants Answers, yet
you bring only Questions. Now I feel you are ready to speak…

Yes, I am Dragonfly. One of the most ancient life forms to live on
Earth Mother. You look for Change in the World. I have seen many
changes over hundreds of millions of years. My many eyes see
everywhere and my translucent wings reflect the Light.

In truth there is only One Light which is reflected and refracted into
many forms and colors. I am reflecting your light back to you now
upon this page in a new way so you may see your Self better. And
you are also a reflection of light, though at times you feel more like
a Black Hole!

Life for the People on Earth feels very dark at this time of
Purification. You have been shown and told that all is Light and joy,
yet there are times you feel darkness and despair all around. Know I
am always holding You, carrying You, shining a light of higher
truth especially at the times when delusion grips you.

But do not shy away from the Black Void. When you feel the
emptiness allow Yourself to dive deep into it. Wash Your Self in its
waters, for they are the waters of Creator. Your emptiness opens to
creativity when you let it.

Black is the color of our Mother, the Void from Whom all Life
Springs. The Water of Life is the Pond where I lay my eggs. They
hatch in those dark depths and live as nymphs for two years before
they mature with wings of Light.

With Patience, Trust, Surrender and Grace You too will fly out of
the darkness of despair and sorrow. Learn to fly on the winds of
Grace as Swan has shown. When your Joy matures you will shine a
new light that Reflects the splendor and glory of All Creation.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Be Present and Keep It Simple

In Part IV of Animal Balance Journal from July Snake speaks of the Light that shines in the sometimes dark moments of change. Snake carries a powerful alchemy of Rebirth and Healing.

July 25, 2011

There is a remarkable shift occurring with humanity which is clothed in the disguise of the ordinary. Everyday life is riddled with the moth holes of the dull and the terrible experiences that are common to many People at this time. War and rumor of war, violence and strife fill the news, yet there is also the sense of expansion and hope. The drudgery and oppression of the common man may be at an all time high. But these rents in the fabric of life when held up to the light for closer scrutiny allow pin holes of radiance to illuminate our paths of change.

Snake is the hidden helper of Earth’s Children. The coiled energy at the base of the spine known as kundalini rises, and the double helix of our DNA awakens to the transmuting touch of Song of the Soul. Snake, will you speak today?

Yes, I am Snake, the keeper of the Golden Treasure of the Child Heart, the Core Heart. I am here to help you when you call at any time. Call on me when you are bitten by the poisonous fangs of the illusion of separation. I am You, We are One. Call on the aspect of your True Self that lives in the World fully Present, Committed and Connected, but is not of the World alone.

I am the Involutionary path: The Way, the Truth and the Light. Call on me in times of pleasure and pain alike! I shower the Earth and all her Children with unconditional Forgiveness, Grace and the Peace beyond Understanding. Through the pain of initiation and renunciation you may shed the skins of the false reality known as duality.

Invite me to enter your Core Heart so that more and more you step into the Unity of Oneness whence flows All Wisdom, Power, Purpose and deepest Truth. I and Thou are One. This is the magical alchemy which turns your dross to Gold magnetizing your Miracles in the midst of transition. Be Present and keep it Simple. You are already experiencing the Rebirth of your Highest Dreams.

One more Re-MIND-er as you read or listen to these words. Be attentive in this moment to what is rising and falling in you. Open to your Truth and Joy by puffing your Awareness even through the empty space of lack and loss, the dull and the terrible.

I am Snake! I enter through any small opening to bless You with the One Love of the Core Heart. With All my Respect and gracious Gratitude for Who You Really Are.

Thank You Snake