Monday, August 30, 2010

Three Eagles

Rise above and keep moving are strong themes in life at this time.

Bald Eagle came in from the North, landed then flew back North again. A young Eagle was flying North low along the beach as he passed over my head. Another Eagle flew in front of the Heron Rookery going upstream over the river headed South.

The Young One is heading toward the place of the Ancient Ones, the Wisdom keepers. The Ancient One came in, landed, then returned. It signifies an act of acknowledgement and reassurance that the immature and often restless mind is heading in the right direction. The life path is unfolding impeccably in accordance with the Higher Will of the blessed One.

Eagle says, “You know well the Path you are on. Even the doubts and despair, the raucous feelings of disharmony are guidance for You Now. For in the path of the Gatekeeper, in the path of Oneness, there are many challenges along with extraordinary delights! There are demons to face and dragons to slay as well as mischievous wood-elves and Wizards of love. There is the monkey boy chattering in the background of your mind, but in the final chapter he is revealed as the Monkey God, the benevolent One.

Indeed, the Gatekeeper’s only duties are to open the door of the Core Heart, to draw up the drawbridge of the Mind when it is time to withdraw attention from the world of sense distraction and to keep a candle burning in the gate house. Those walking the path of the interior castle will come of their own free will and the Gatekeeper will know them, having walked the path himself.

Keep moving! Keep on keeping on. You are Much Loved and Appreciated with deep Respect both for your Uniqueness and Your Oneness with All Land and Life."