Thursday, September 22, 2016

Equinox messages from the Animals

August 15, 2016

Spirit Eagle, cleanse my body/mind and soul of all dross. Let my soul shine through my heart with Thy divine love, unconditional forgiveness and compassion for all. Let my heart’s radiance shine through every cell in my body clearing all obstacles and reawakening realization of Truth, Freedom and Honor.

I am the Light that shines in darkness. And I honor the light in every One regardless of appearances of the current state of delusion. All beings are intricate patterns of shadow and light. Blessed Eagle Mother watch over our lives.

August 18, 2016

Since the last new moon early in August the balance animals have been Eagle for Earth, Armadillo for Sky and Porcupine for the Divine Child. Eagle brings light to the physical environment and Armadillo creates a strong armor of radiant wisdom and love around our bodies and our world.

Spirit infuses Earth/Body and Earth radiates Spirit, a higher frequency of the New Earth. The Child, Porcupine feels playful, yet prickly.

There is a new rhythm guiding those who listen. There is safety and protection for the prayer-full, turmoil and turbulence when we look outside ourselves for full-fillment.

Oneness is as Oneness does. There is no judgment, only compassion and perseverance.

September 18, 2016

Divine Mother, Skunk, thank you for your guidance and loving support. Will You speak?

Yes, I am Skunk, here this month empowering the feminine aspect of Your being. I am carrying the “new fire” which is a subtle energy flowing through and lighting up the Earth Mother’s body. The new fire is subtle in the sense that it is unseen like electricity, but like electric current it must be managed or it may shock you.

Your body is like a battery or a light bulb that can only take so much charge, so much power, or is may break. But unlike the bulb or the battery you may upgrade your electrical system by attunement to divine Will within, and by increased receptivity and openness to the Earth Mother through the Core Heart.

In these times of change there is a great beauty, strength and inspiration available. “There are no problems, only solutions.” And at this time in history there are more solutions pending that ever before. But initial responses and reactions are always to problems. You may feel great tension and pressure in the Body-Mind. When this occurs remember me, Skunk who walks without fear.

I am the movement in the stillness, and the stillness in the movement. If you feel agitated or your body is in pain please accept it as a message of change. Practice a simple exercise slowly and with full attention. Your body will relax and become more supple. Your mind will become more adaptable.

It is the time of the Great Coming Together. If you are feeling only isolation take time to go within and bask in the solitude of sacred aloneness, the precursor of All-One-ness. The Awakening of the Heart’s Natural Love is not all sunshine and rainbows. But after violent storms the light inevitably returns.

I honor the light in each One of You whether you appear shining or broken. Much Love, Respect and Gratitude from the Core Heart of Earth Mother.

Thank You Skunk.

September 19, 2016

Spider, Father, bless me with a web of light. Help me to write and form new patterns of abundance, prosperity, healing and harmony.

Vision of the healed human spirit

The original blueprint
Earth Moon
Freedom Star
Serving All as One
Holding each in honor
Growing together
Sharing whatever comes
With Trust and Compassion
For each other
Giving of Self
With Love
And laughter

September 21, 2016

Salmon, you come for the Child. Bless me with Your Wisdom to keep moving toward the Source of Universal Love despite contrary currents. It is the Inter-National Day of Peace. Salmon, will You Speak?

Yes, I am Salmon. I am offering help and guidance on this day and during this cycle to all those who work for a return to Peace and Truth. I return Home each Year to my place of origin to lay my eggs. Those who choose to work for a life of love and wisdom are often met with contrary currents.

Every day you hear stories of violence and chaos. These energies of anger and fear are the flotsam and jetsam flowing downstream which will eventually be purified in the Ocean of Universal Love and Cosmic Consciousness. In the storms of desire many old patterns washed up from attachment to traumas of the past.

I, Salmon, am here infusing the Divine Golden Child with Strength to continue upstream in spite of all appearances. Continue to work for Peace and Justice with compassion and wisdom and you will plant the seeds of the New Earth.

These are my eggs of Divine Presence. These seed eggs contain the Original Blueprint that will be used to build heaven on earth, and the road map that will take you Home. In spite of all struggles remember to honor the spark of the Creator in You and in All.

Respect All Land and Life, for the same spark is in each speck of space. I am blessing You Now with the energy of perseverance on your Path.

Thank You Salmon.


Father, Spider, you weave webs of Connection that pull my heartstrings with yearning for divine love. Will You speak?

Yes, I am Spider, here to support you in the activation of potential that is available now in this moment. In the Father aspect I may seem distant. In spite of awakening threads of connection to Infinite Spirit there is sense of isolation amongst the people at times.

Periods of solitude are normal and necessary during times of expansion of consciousness. Without proper grounding you may being to feel agitated or isolated from others with whom you share your experiences. An outer example of this is the World Wide Web. Which literally connects millions through words, images, sounds and video. Yet it often leaves you feeling isolated instead of connected.

There is growing information overload. Often people connect to images on a screen ignoring the people around them., or perhaps more importantly and pointedly, ignoring their own inner lives, their dreams, thoughts and feelings that would guide them if the listened more deeply.

I am Spider. I build my web of connection, then I site alone in the center patiently waiting. Think of me and call on me for support when you are in need of assistance or when overwhelm is felt. I am here to help you connect to Spirit, Eternal Self, Infinite Source of wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Although I seem distant my threads connect every part of Creation. I am always with You, ready to help if You only ask an allow. All my blessings from the Heart of the Sky descend on you with greatest Respect and Gratitude for Who You Really Are.

Thank You Spider.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Raven of the North

Ravens are blowing against the wind, flying, always against the wind, ella, Spirit. Raven, is there a message you wish to speak?

Yes, I am Raven of the North. I live in the most unforgiving climate, yet I prosper. My brother is the wind who blows from the North, the frozen wind that turns the sea to ice. My sister is the darkness of night who gives me a cover of black from which I draw the magic of Creation.

As black absorbs all colors of light I carry all the colors of the Rainbow within me. I act as a carrier of light outside of time and space to aid non-local healing and to connect You with the power of the Presence which cures past failures and future fears.

I am able to work outside of the laws of time and space because I follow a higher law known as Crow Law:

Land is Life. Respect All Land and Life.

So when You feel yourself flying against the raging wind of turbulent life over a barren frozen land, and when you feel forsaken and forgotten, remember to forgive and give thanks for the wind that carries you.

With patient rhythm of the heart beat open to the timeless Presence of the Core Heart of the Earth Mother whose only desire is simply to hold you and to Love You. In her Presence is Majesty, Grace, and Freedom.

From the Heart of Bliss, Awakening, and Inspiration you will learn to Honor yourself. You will give and receive freely from your Magnetic and Super-Abundant Nature.

Thank You Raven

Sunday, June 24, 2012

You Have the Strength, a Message from Bear

(Inspired by one of my client’s visions of Bear: swimming over a shimmering lake to a platform, Bear said “You have the strength to get there and when you do you will help many others.”)

I am Bear. The “shimmering lake” is the changeable vibration of the mental/emotional sea—water & light. In reality, the world you call real is a dreamscape of dancing shadows and light. The movement of Beings swimming through the sea of consciousness creates the waves of thought and emotion that you perceive as pleasure or pain, happy or sad, dull or vital.

You have the Strength to swim out to the platform of ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new Joy that sit in the center of the lake. To accomplish this you must feel the supporting vastness of the sea of cosmic consciousness which is closer than you think.

As I, Bear, take time to go into the Cave of Silence for hibernation and introspection, to must you dig deeper into the inner realm, into your real Self to discover your real nature of unchangeable Joy.

Once you feel that Joy your Presence will bless all People and all Nature. Your Presence and Awareness in the Core Heart of Oneness is the key to creating new solutions to the many problems of this world. You create positive change by diving into the sea of changelessness and carrying the Pearls of Wisdom and Peace back into the world of illusion.

Remember, the fact that life is a dream does not mean that “nothing matters.” There is a relative existence, a functional reality to this life whose highest purpose is to live in expanding love, the Source of all life, and to lead others home.

Thank You Bear

Thursday, April 19, 2012

What is “Being Connected”?

What is “Being Connected”? And how does one establish connection?

In the modern world connectivity is used to keep us in touch with each other, to give and receive information. In the broader sense connection has always been about giving and receiving. Our “connections” are our places of influence, the internal and external messengers that are there to give and receive all the resources that are available to us. We acquire and maintain all sorts of connections during our lives: social, technological, emotional, spiritual and others.

In the highest sense we are always deeply connected to our environment, our world and each other on all levels from the mundane physical world to our oneness in Spirit. It is how we manage our connections through our awareness of them that aids or impedes our progress on the path of peace, presence and compassion.

Being Connected requires being open. Without openness there is no giving and receiving, and our connections are essentially shut down. To be connected to the Source of Life is to be a broadcasting tower for the Heart’s Natural Love, easily sending and receiving from the Abundance of Life.

In this time of hyper-connectivity many people experience some sort of emotional overwhelm that leads to a shut down or disconnect. Feeling disconnected is often followed by reaction and fear of separation from our Source, our Creator. But disconnection from the five outgoing sense telephones is actually the first step in re-connecting with the inner resource of the Creative Spirit.

When the mind/body complex reaches a state of overwhelm it is broadcasting static. It is time to re-attune the senses inward, to be quiet and to listen deeply to the signals so we can receive the higher guidance that is always there for us and to re-Source, or connect to the resources of the Self: Love, Gratitude and Infinite Abundance. When by attention and concentration we re-tune the inner radio to receive higher awareness through the practices of calmness and presence we return to a state of joyous expectation and respect for all life.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Practicing Presence Turns Failure to Success

“The season of failure is the best time for sowing the seeds of success.” Paramahansa Yogananda

We all can see the need for sowing seeds of success at times of failure and uncertainty, but why is it the Best time? Success and failure are both necessary parts of the journey of life. This life is made up of dualities: heat and cold, pleasure and pain, sorrow and joy. Failure is part of the learning process. Failure gives much needed information on the direction we want to go. When we are completely present with our current circumstance without judgment our failure becomes fuel to power our success.

The same is true of all sorts of failure. Tough times brought about by financial insecurity, health issues or relationship problems, although unpleasant can be used as agents of positive change! Being present to the most difficult and challenging situations allows a subtle shift in perspective that creates an internal environment for healing and success.

Practicing the Presence

Breath is the cord that links body and soul. When the life energy leaves the body there is no breath. Advanced breathing exercises such as Kriya Yoga* are called pranayama or “life-force control” and advance yogis use this technique to still the breath, calm the heart, and experience ecstacy. But we don’t have to sit for hours in meditation to experience the benefit of being Present. Take three deep breaths, or go outside for a walk and breathe deeply filling the lungs. Observe the breath and the objects in the present environment and feel a gradual shift from confusion to balance immediately.

But what does it mean to practice Presence? Being present means showing up for life—Game on! One who is completely present is completely grounded in the moment. However that looks from the outside s/he is impermeable to attack from any circumstance. One who is fully present is “in the presence” of the higher Self, the source of all life, the unchangeable soul.

Bur let’s rewind a moment… How can we practice presence unless and until we recognize what it means, how it feels, to not be present? As a friend of mine asked, “If I am not present, then where am I?” Am I not always here, right between my ears?” What does it mean to be absent?
Absent-mindedness is forgetfulness. It is the way we check out of current time experience when we perceive pain or anticipate some form of suffering, humiliation or loss. Absent-mindedness is associated with loss of memory, but it can be caused by the memory of loss. Anticipation of pain causes more suffering and loss than pain itself when it is triggered by memories of loss from the past. Most fear and worry are produced by dwelling in this way simultaneously straddling past and future time. Being absent to present experience creates a superficial existence, a half-hearted, surface life based on elusive externals that never dives deep into the truth of any situation.

Whale is a great symbol of Presence living as she does in the ocean. The sea is the place of origin of life on Earth and is also a symbol of the waves of change and emotion we experience from day to day. Taking a few deep “Whale Breaths” and diving deeper into the present moment is the first step in solving any problem.

Eveline Maria Smith and David Wodtke offer this special Seedinar to help you be Present, be Connected, and move in Direct Action from the Heart through “The Art and Science of Conscious Compassion”.

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*NOTE: Kriya Yoga is referred to by Krishna, India's greatest prophet, in a stanza of the Bhagavad-Gita: "Offering inhaling breath into the outgoing breath, and offering the outgoing breath into the inhaling breath, the yogi neutralizes both these breaths; he thus releases the life force from the heart and brings it under his control... Kriya Yoga is a simple, psycho physiological method by which the human blood is decarbonized and recharged with oxygen. The atoms of this extra oxygen are transmuted into life current to rejuvenate the brain and spinal centers. (1) By stopping the accumulation of venous blood, the yogi is able to lessen or prevent the decay of tissues; the advanced yogi transmutes his cells into pure energy. Elijah, Jesus, Kabir, and other prophets were past masters in the use of Kriya or a similar technique, by which they caused their bodies to dematerialize at will." (Autobiography Of a Yogi, 1946, p.244)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Find Your Self in the Chinese year of the Blue-Green Dragon

Welcome Home! The Earth Healing call on the Solstice was awesome! It was held at Noon PST and you may access the recording on the Earth Healing Page. What a wonderful feeling to Heal the Earth and our Self! Join me and many others in ushering in the New Light!!

My dear friend Be reminded me that 2012 is the Chinese year of the Dragon. Snake's message speaks of the winged serpent, an ancient symbol of Christ , aka Queztalcotl, the One who goes by many names. We may know and feel that 2012 is to be a year like no other. This is not because the world is ending, or we are "ascending" from the Earth, but because we stand on the brink of a New World. And it depends on a change in consciousness.

"Be the Change you wish to see in the world" as Ghandi said, is a daily practice of Core Awareness. In essence it is a Circle process that you begin in this moment. This new paradigm in Environmental Consciousness is embodied in the four phases of Transformation outlined by the Animals. To "eviron" is a transitive verb meaning: to form a circle or ring around. Forming a circle is an ancient way of defining boundaries, of protection, of healing Wisdom.

*Breathe into the Present
*Connect and Feel What Is
*Choose Free Will, Move into Action
*Now Let go, Allow Grace to Flow

This "New World" is inside us already. The Second Coming of Christ is the Rebirth of your Core Awareness which gives rise to the Awakening of the Heart's Natural Love. It is the Child Heart born anew in you! If this sounds esoteric or mysterious come on the healing call, or schedule a Core Awareness session and find out how simple it can be. Simple Presence opens the gate, Connection to you Source builds the Bridge for you to come Home to your Self.

Feel the spark of New Fire that is ignited Now. It is there inside to bring Courage, Endurance and Joy in the days ahead. Many come to the Gate and then fall back to sleep. Will you wake and find your own unique expression? Discovering your Gifts long hidden in the Shadows is like the return of the prodigal son. It is a return of Joy and Peace. Join me in Waking the Blue-Green Dragon, and Thanks for BEE-ing You!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Raven Wisdom

Raven, watch over the Child of my Heart. Prepare me for the next stage of my evolution, the next level of consciousness. Fill my heart with faith, trust and love for All, that heals all wounds of fear, betrayal and resentment. I am Thy Child. Thou art my Father, Mother and Friend. Move me with compassion for all beings! Lead me on new paths of adventure through direct action from the heart to the land of Grace, Forgiveness and Freedom!

November 11, 2011 ~*~ 11/11/11 :O)

Raven ushers in the Creative Genius of the Child Heart bringing the fire of passion and desire to the People from the darkness of the Void, allowing the Great Mystery to manifest in a tangible way as Practical Magic. Raven, are you there?

Yes, I am Raven, I am so proud of the Children of the Earth Mother! You have done well to let go of the confining need to understand everything that is occurring around you and within you, and yet, to hold the mind steady with common sense and determination.

From the feeling of emptiness inside you I emerge with the spark of Life, the Creative force. I carry the fire of Your inmost desire which ignites your Highest Dream into manifestation. Often I have flown out of the dark places of sorrow and guilt, dullness and fear. At these times you instantly feel lighter, more innocent and Happy for No Reason.

Just as often you reason this away and cling to the image of the dull and the terrible world! Simply remember when the Shadow comes not to fight it. Embrace the Shadow and allow those feelings to simply be without thought or explanation and you will begin to see more and more that this darkness is the vehicle for your Radiance and Light. It is the harbinger of your own God-spark, the gestation of your Truth, Wisdom and Majestic Self in the dark womb of the Earth Mother!

From the Velvety Darkness of the clear night Sky thousands of suns and moons shine through to guide and protect you on your journey back to your Highest Truth of Unity and Bliss consciousness. Love All! Love all you quirks and frailties. Respect All! Actively love even the darkness in others that defines the light.

And give Thanks to the Giver of All, offering the gift of Unconditional Forgiveness and acceptance for All, for yourself, for those around you and for this World just as it is. In this Thanks-Giving I bless You Now in the Presence of the Mother, Father, Child. I am Raven, your humble servant.