Tuesday, December 28, 2010

BEE-ing Present, the Gift that Keeps on Giving

When I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2001 I was not afraid to die. I have always felt that death is a release from the struggles of this world. But I began to wonder if I had ever really lived, fully present in this moment.

Suddenly all of my worries for the future over money and purpose, my place in society all melted away. Even regrets over past mistakes and unfulfilled dreams paled, in the days that followed, next to the one desire to be present.

I wanted to be there to see my daughters grow up and graduate from school. I wanted to feel the earth under my feet and breath the cool air of morning, to watch the birds fly overhead and to listen to the silence. I gradually began to forgive myself and others for all perceived offenses.

Men and women alike are being increasingly challenged by their feeling nature to heal the wounds of aggression, humiliation and desecration of Divine Nature in us and around us. These are the places of dishonor and brokenness we have accepted as a way of life. Woundedness and denial must be healed by realization of our oneness and awareness of our uniqueness, connection and purpose.

BEE-ing Present brings me into alignment with my true Self. The lovely paradox is that being fully present with whatever lie you are telling yourself about your situation leads you to liberating truth. Any story can be rewritten and any suffering may be seen as a gift of experience.

I’ve learned from the Celtic Tree readings that the higher view and long sight of the Silver Fir is the thread you follow. It is the shift to a higher perspective that allows healing solutions. Sometimes healing crisis and even death are the best medicine for the soul.

In the labyrinth of sufferings that result from, doubt, fear and self-loathing there is a breakdown and a breakthrough which allows higher potential to emerge. In the moment all is lost there is nothing left to hold onto and we float suspended in a place that questions all previous assumptions, a place of surrender.

We finally let go of belief and disbelief in the experience of the present moment. In the moments of deepest loss we may begin to feel an invitation to open our hearts to the love of the higher Self. By embracing loss whole-heartedly in the Present we connect to the unlimited healing potential of pure awareness.

Breathe and stay Present. Be aware of the stories you tell that are not what you prefer, especially the areas where you have agreed with fear and self-doubt. Embrace awareness of these shadows and release them in solid Self-assurance.

So what story would you like to tell? The Frog Prince describes a perfect metaphor for facing the slippery mind and shifting into your majesty and essential divinity. The Princess is our divine feminine aspect: the open, circular, intuitive, right brain self who looks directly at the ugly, slimy, jumpy Frog. She chooses to embrace and kiss the Frog which allows him to transform in all his radiance to the Prince: a peaceful, prosperous, lover of calm reason, strength, and protection.

It is only from the place of emptiness and awareness that we can choose a new path of being which is suited to who we really are.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Funny visitor in the dark

Funny visitor in the dark: Opossum was on the Pinetree, then dropped to the ground when little Dog yipped. White faced marsupial, small one, do you have anything to say my Friend?

Yes, I am Opossum, here to help by showing you that things are not always as they appear to be. Also, you may put on any appearance you wish to portray. Putting on appearance may actually help you shift into authenticity. You must sometimes aid your Rebirth by playing dead.

When feelings are dark and circumstances of life seem dire hold your ground, allow your Self to simply be. See the face behind the face of death and you will begin to feel the radiance of the inner Sun shining from the Core Heart.

It is only your fighting and resistance that keep the demons of self-doubt and resentment at your throat. Surrender the ego, think of the One then move on as if everything is all right. In fact, everything Is alright!

As you wake from your little death you will see the One in All. I give thanks for the spark of life in You! With Respect, Gratitude and all my Love in the Core Heart

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Success and Failure - Coyote Plays Hide-and-seek

A Coyote appeared next to highway 101 on the Oregon coast as we went to walk on the beach after picking mushrooms. Coyote, Wisdom and Folly, Trickster, Creator, what do you bring me in this divine play? I’m not ready to be the butt of your joke!

I am Coyote. Remember when you feel that the joke is on you that I am with you wherever you go. I am playing the game of hide-and-seek when you don’t see me. I am laughing with you when you feel the fool.

This is the source of my Wisdom, the divine silent laughter that permeates all changes of creation. It is adaptability and shrewdness that sees when it is wrong and recharges the batteries with a belly laugh followed by a wide smile, ear to ear that distributes the energy of life to every cell, lighting you back up with Creative Power.

I ask the question, “Would you rather be right or happy?” Would you rather stumble and fall while helping others or go lame from fear and inaction? I was there by the road, then disappeared into the bushes. This is the way of success and failure – now you see it, now you don’t!

It is all a play of shadows and light. Remember to love and embrace your shadows and you will radiate your luminous presence with ease and grace.

With Much Love, Unconditional Forgiveness and Infinite Abundance, I am Coyote.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Coyote and the Power of Laughter

I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose.
~Woody Allen

Coyote, You are here for me my Friend, coaxing the Golden Child to
come out and play. You are the trickster and the straight man: The
Wise Fool… Yes, “the fool on the hill sees the sun going down and
the eyes in his head see the world spinning round.”

Round and round you go Coyote, like the Grouse dance, making the
same blunders and having a good laugh over it. Wiley Coyote
chasing the Roadrunner carefully sets his trap but winds up flattened
by his own anvil. Ha Ha Ha!

And he miraculously gets right back up to do it again. Coyote, I feel
your Presence here now in Silent Laughter. Thank you for your
guidance. I am open and relaxed. Will you share your Wisdom at
this time?

Yes, I am Coyote, the Medicine Dog, come to help awaken the Child
in each One. Many times you wind up flat on your face in failure as I
do. Yet I am still here. In fact, my Clan has multiplied in great
numbers because we get back up, dust ourselves off and keep on
keeping on.

I have another gift for you now. It is the gift of collaboration. I work
together with other members of my Clan when seeking my prey. In
this way we all are well fed. You will do well with this medicine now
as Earth Mother labors in transition to the New World.

Come together with Friends, Families and Groups to support one
another and manifest that which you can Imagine of Peace,
Harmony, and Prosperity.

Will you fall flat on your face? Of course! I will be there to laugh
with you and pick you back up. You see, in this World you have
created war, anxiety and poverty which seem to multiply daily.

Remember Coyote Medicine when you begin to feel anxious or
afraid. Remember that everything is all right in the end. Learn to
laugh at yourself as I do and learn to work in harmony with those
around you. Laughter is a key to break the tension and bring you
back to your Heart’s Natural Love.

And when you fail remember that all Wisdom comes from Failure.
Jump recklessly into the Heart of your worst fear or failure. Find the
Wisdom lesson it holds, then laugh again and again. That is why my
stories are so often retold. Often failure is the best medicine and it is
very instructive.

It is truly hilarious how well You hide your treasures right within
yourself, in front of your own nose, afraid to use them. Fear itself can
be a gift if you choose to use it as such.

Be awake and ready! I have many tricks up my sleeve and I am
feeling playful! A great saint once said, “A tiny bubble of laughter I,
am become the sea of mirth itself.”

With Smiles from the Core Heart I, Coyote, leave you in the Sea of

Thank You Coyote!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Father Crow Speaks

I see and believe that I am ready, willing and able to make a quantum leap of consciousness. I am Self-Aware. I am a Child of God, a spark from the Infinite Source of Life. I am omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. I am constantly aware and connected to my Core Heart. From my love I share the essence of my Soul Nature and invite One and All to join me in perfect health, infinite abundance and well-being.


Yes, I am Crow. I feed on the ground. In this way I demonstrate the energy by which you may ground the Spirit within you. Connect to the nurturing life energy from the Mother under your feet. Pause and feel the pull of gravity which draws all life back to the center.

I feed on the ground, and then carry the sustenance with me as I soar and dive in the air or stand vigilant on the power lines outside your house. I know the Source of my power which is the Source of All Power. Once you connect to this Source and feel it moving in every cell, in your belly, in your heart and up to your brain your Spirit will begin to soar in free flight and your mind will serve you as a vigilant sentinel of awareness. Respect All Land and Life, for Land is Life.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Three Eagles

Rise above and keep moving are strong themes in life at this time.

Bald Eagle came in from the North, landed then flew back North again. A young Eagle was flying North low along the beach as he passed over my head. Another Eagle flew in front of the Heron Rookery going upstream over the river headed South.

The Young One is heading toward the place of the Ancient Ones, the Wisdom keepers. The Ancient One came in, landed, then returned. It signifies an act of acknowledgement and reassurance that the immature and often restless mind is heading in the right direction. The life path is unfolding impeccably in accordance with the Higher Will of the blessed One.

Eagle says, “You know well the Path you are on. Even the doubts and despair, the raucous feelings of disharmony are guidance for You Now. For in the path of the Gatekeeper, in the path of Oneness, there are many challenges along with extraordinary delights! There are demons to face and dragons to slay as well as mischievous wood-elves and Wizards of love. There is the monkey boy chattering in the background of your mind, but in the final chapter he is revealed as the Monkey God, the benevolent One.

Indeed, the Gatekeeper’s only duties are to open the door of the Core Heart, to draw up the drawbridge of the Mind when it is time to withdraw attention from the world of sense distraction and to keep a candle burning in the gate house. Those walking the path of the interior castle will come of their own free will and the Gatekeeper will know them, having walked the path himself.

Keep moving! Keep on keeping on. You are Much Loved and Appreciated with deep Respect both for your Uniqueness and Your Oneness with All Land and Life."

Friday, July 30, 2010

Flicker's Message of Healing Growth

Flicker is here on the roof – for the 2nd time in two days. Bounding love is arriving. Flicker? Will you speak?

Yes, I am Flicker, totem of the Summer solstice. This is a time of high frequency, high energy infusion. A new light shines on the People. It is like the early light shining on the field at dawn that accentuates the Shadows. As you receive the energy of a new awakening you feel yourself bask in its warmth and wonder, then you run from the light.

Part of you prefers the darkness which is familiar. This light exposes you, so naturally your first reaction is to feel naked and afraid. Behind this reaction is the gift of revolution and rebirth.

I am Flicker! I bring forward the rhythm of healing love, creation and new growth. As you open to receive the new creative power of these Purification times you must embrace the darkness which is the gestation and origin of change. If you feel exposed and naked as a child invite the Innocence and Wonder to return.

The new moon – black crescent on my chest symbolizes the void in the heart of the People, the emptiness, isolation and secret fear of aloneness. Dive deeper into your emptiness and you will see that alone really is All One. The new moon is the darkest time and the beginning of new light.

The song says, “Who tells me Thou art dark? O My Mother Divine, thousands of suns and moons through Thy body do shine!”

As this new light returns remember always to come back to the earth. stay grounded and enter the silence again and again. Give Thanks! I offer all my Love and Respect to You and All Oneness.


Bliss Body, Beauty Body, Soul Bliss, Life Belonging. Source of Beauty: Bliss Self, Belonging in Society. Flicker was at the bird feeder this morning and I didn’t notice until he was flying away. Flicker says…

It is often so. When new energy of healing growth comes into your life as love and upliftment it is often taken for granted to such an extent that you don’t consciously notice until it flies away from you. That’s why Presence is so important, and appreciation. Your Bliss will sometimes fly away temporarily during life’s evolution, but it returns soon when gratitude is offered.

Thank You Flicker


It’s morning

looking out
the window
move casually
in shadowed light


Flicker showed up again not 10 feet away on my roof, the flew to the Cherry Tree. It is time to start writing the tree series I hear. Flicker, three times you have come to visit face to face, many more times calling from a distance What do you have to say today?

Hello, I am Flicker. In life’s uncertainties you thrive on routine, a regular rhythm of growth. The steady expansion and contraction of the lungs is the thread of breath that connects body/mind and spirit. You honor commitment, consistency and simplicity, but you fear the loss of spontaneity and autonomy.

It is just the nature and rhythm of contraction and expansion. Commitment must come from your presence and connection in the Core Heart in this moment. Any future commitment is a fantasy. Any outer commitment is oppression.

Fly into the Core Heart! I landed on the trunk of the cherry tree, then flew to the branches. You must connect to the Core Heart of the Earth, then you may choose any branch of activity you feel drawn to. Once the choice is made you must let go.

The loss of letting go into the devotion of your Heart Core is felt as Freedom. In this new found freedom of letting go You find the Simplicity of Love and Respect for All Life. And your gratitude becomes a boundless Bliss.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Moving On

Where does the urge come from? A drop of inspiration...
a faint glow in the mist... the sound of a distant flute...
What can inspire us to move forward?

Is it failure that drives success? Or loss that allows us
to become whole? Is it dissatisfaction that helps us feel
peace - discord pointing the way to harmony?

There comes a time when yearnings lead to change - a time
when attachments to the old familiar reality must be cast
aside. What we thought real and permanent is shattered as
we walk into the abyss. At this time - the first step -
the earth moves, disappears and one foot is suspended in air.
Loss is great and liberating. We become homeless wanderers.

Many of us are ambivalent about change. Even when our present
conditions do not suit us we often cling to what is familiar.
We may be enslaved by the power of habit, behaving and
thinking in ways that don't help us follow the highest light
we have. It may even be that periodic visions of our real
purpose are seen and felt, but our power to move in that
direction falters in the face of the unknown changes that lie
on the road ahead. It has been said that greater even than
the struggle between good and evil is the raging battle
between freedom and security.

Striving for security is a natural instinct. We all want to
feel the fullness of abundance. But it is all too often the
case that the search for material, emotional, or even
spiritual security becomes the death of freedom. Many steady
jobs are felt as a prison by the gainfully employed.
Relationships based mainly on the need for security become
endangered if the individuals don't feel the freedom to grow
and change in a natural way. Many creeds and religions,
though perhaps established in the name of spiritually
liberated beings, find their places of worship filled with
"seekers" who forget to look through their own eyes and
listen with their own ears - lost in vacant dogma - ensnared
by tradition or technique.

There is a hollow place inside that wants to be filled. From
that dark place a silently whispering voice urges us to move
toward the freedom which is our birthright. As we learn to
become quieter and more receptive to that voice it will give
us all the guidance needed to move on. It gives direction.
Few of us would give up everything; our job, family and
spiritual tradition, in the quest for freedom. That kind of
renunciation would probably do more harm than good anyway.
But a more subtle inner renunciation is needed before we can
make the transition from darkness to light. Prepared to give
up anything that does not serve our highest good, a new peace
and freedom is experienced. Little by little the voice of
intuition is heard as truth speaking to the heart through
lips of conscience.

We can try to plan our lives for smooth transitions, but
often they seem to be thrust upon us with little or no
warning. There is a point of transition in childbirth when
the mother is about to push the child out into the world.
She will no longer be "expecting" but will be fully absorbed
in motherhood. The baby makes the leap from a dark inner
world completely protected, connected to her mother, to a
bright outer world of separation and change. Transition is a
painful experience with great opportunities for growth and
awareness of new things. At birth each of us breathed a
first breath into our tiny frail body, maybe crying out,
before embarking on the path of change called life. Each
new change can be greeted with innocence and acceptance if
we will allow it.

David Wodtke circa 2000

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Gatekeeper of Oneness

“You are the gatekeeper”

I heard these words on day in meditation, but what could they mean? I am not accustomed to hearing or seeing much of anything in meditation. At best I feel a tingling sensation or a feeling of peace. At worst I feel only the numberless distractions of the body and mind: tension, an itch, a muscle pain, or thoughts from the day before, or what’s for lunch.

Why would these enigmatic words suddenly pop into my head? I began a contemplation of the gatekeeper. And I discovered that we all may be gatekeepers.

A gatekeeper lives on the border, watches the gate and holds the keys that allow the doors to be opened so that others may pass through. I’ve always loved the borders, the fringes of thought where seemingly different ideas find something in common. We find these places of commonality between things like music and mathematics, science and religion, nature and spirit, or anything else if we look deeply enough.

The more deeply we look within the more we experience unity as we feel the interconnectedness of all things, the Oneness. Oneness is an eternal infinite space which by definition contains everything. The very definition lacks definition since it can never be held or described fully by the mind. It is a fearful place for the mind which makes its way by division and identification with the parts.

Oneness is fearful for the mind because we stand on the edge of an abyss afraid of the loss of our small self. So the mind has created walls more substantial and enduring than the Great Wall of China to protect us from the abyss of the unknown.

As our souls descended into the myth of separation a whole series of walls were built inside of us to allow us to experience the layers of our individuality. But these walls were not meant to trap us in separation and aloneness. Each wall was installed with a door, a gateway, and a set of keys is always available to the gatekeeper who silently waits and watches those who approach the infinite, the Great Mystery of Creation.

Those who become acquainted with the gatekeeper will begin one by one to unlock the inner doors of wonder and innocence which lead by gradual steps back to the place of Oneness. In the loving heart of Oneness nothing is lost, not even the sense of individuality so highly prized by the little mind.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Silent Watcher

Fox has always been close ally of Earth Service ever since the first Issue of Animal Balance Journal. Fox embodies reassurance of the eternal presence and of the higher intelligence within each one of us.

/\ ~*~ /\

Fox, I invite you to speak…

I am here in this cycle for the Earth Mother to show you the way
of balance with brother Hawk. I am of the Earth and make my
home in the earth keeping a warm den for my family. I am her
eyes and ears silently watching you in the night. I observe all that
is and I am here for you to show you that aspect of your Self that
is the unseen Silent Watcher.

As Hawk is the message bringer I am the message bearer, the
vessel. I am that which gives form to the formless creative Spirit. I
am active at night, dawn, and dusk patiently stalking the highest
good. Watch the silent activity of your dreams now as they bring
you new details, insights and questions. What is being activated in
your life? As it has been said, “Live your questions” allow the
answers to fall when they are ripe. Don’t be like the Fox in the
story that complains of “sour grapes.”

I move swiftly and change direction easily even climbing up trees
when necessary. Be flexible like that and be forgiving, first to
yourself, then to All Unconditionally.

That is all for now. Thank you for this opportunity to share the
wisdom of the Earth, the wisdom of the Grandmothers.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

What is respect?

December 22, 2004

In our reactions to the "new age" variations
and dogmas we have to be careful not to
throw the baby out with the bath water as
they say. But as we adopt new ways and
technologies it is important to stay grounded
in what is real. Now there is the question of
what is "real for you" and "real for me", but
by the first "real" I mean the ultimate goal
known as "Higher" or "God" consciousness-
how things appear to one who sees deeply, not
lost in outer appearance. The second set of
"realities" relates more to one's expression
or interpretation of what one sees. There are
so many ways and means of approaching the goal
and all of them by definition are not quite
the goal, but a personal expression of
infinite variation. Now, however foreign or
weird or dogmatic a person's way seems to you
it must be regarded with respect.

What is respect?

Re-spect means to look again, look
again more deeply and you will begin to see
past the dogmas and rhetoric, past the
sentimental and the detrimental into the
heart of what moves each one on their path.
And you will find that the underlying
motivation is the same for each one however
strange or contorted it may appear to you on
the surface. We all want to be happy. We are
being drawn back to the infinite, the omni-
present eternal heart of what is - what
yogis call ever-conscious, ever-present,
ever-new Joy. Now that may be a large
mouthful to swallow. It may sound like
just another chunk of dogma to choke on,
especially when attempting to look with
respect upon one who is apparently lost in
some bizarre philosophy or psychological
sickness. How does a born again look with
respect at a fanatical Muslim? How does a
lover of peace look with respect at those
who wage war? How can we ever attempt to
respect a serial killer? a rapist or
pedophile? Look again, and look deeper no
matter what you see on the outside. It is
this new way of looking and seeing that
opens a way for you to reach your goal, a
way for peace to manifest.

We don't have to condone or embrace acts
that offend us, just look more deeply.
The more we act with respect the more our
lives will radiate an unspoken message of
love that will heal this earth and its
inhabitants. One way to cultivate respect
is to first apply it to yourself. Self-
respect grows naturally in a quiet place.
It must be grown in the inner garden, so
the process is known as intro-spection.
Self-respect grows as we look again and
again into the heart of the silence until
we begin to see deeply what is. This goal
has many names none of which is sufficient
to describe it. Until we see it for
ourselves and in our Self we do not see it
in others and there is no real respect.

Peace begins with respect.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hummingbird Meditation

Hummingbird, Your brilliant luminosity shines as you flit from flower to flower. At the park your bright orange radiance inspired me with a reminder of Spirit in Nature to honor the Presence of the hum of Joy in every speck of space and every particle of eternity! Do you wish to speak today?

Yes, I am Hummer. Today I bring the frequency of the orange ray that helps release all forms of fear and worry. I move up and down, forward, backward or any direction sipping the nectar of sweet flowers. I am the Hum, the Om, the Amen moving everywhere spreading pure Joy.

Let your body now fill with warm orange nectar and allow that warmth to soak deep into every cell and atom, every strand of your DNA. Let it warm and release anything that is unlike love.

Imagine the warm orange colored liquid entering through the bottoms of your feet now as glow or tingling sensation from deep in the Earth Mother. Feel it move up through the ankles and calves slowly filling every pore. It rises up through the legs and strength, through the lower abdomen as assurance, then slowly fills the stomach and solar plexus with confidence.

The warm orange colored liquid continues to rise surrounding the heart and filling the lungs with serenity, massaging the back and all tissues with a soothing sensation of relaxation and peace. This radiant liquid light rises up through the throat and neck into the head. The shoulders relax as warmth pours down through the arms and out to the hands and fingers.

Like a sponge, my radiance has the space to soak up all deeply ingrained darkness, the shadows that allow the wonder and beauty of the Earth to be drawn in exquisite detail. All ancestral fears, patterns, karmas, beliefs and attitudes that no longer serve Your Highest Good are now held in suspension in my warm orange radiant liquid.

Your entire body glows with the radiant love of Earth Mother.

Now open two corks at the bottoms of your feet and allow all of the liquid to drain back into Earth Mother. See all results of actions of the past, present or future dissolved into the orange colored liquid as it flows out of the head, through the neck, arms and shoulders, chest, torso, down through the legs and out the feet.

As the liquid drains you are more and more clear. You are free! You feel the vibration of Joy which holds all Creation in Her arms. You know that you are loved and you are love!

Father Mother Friend Beloved Child-Heart.

I am He, I am She, I am the Blessed One
I am Love

Thank You Hummingbird!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Service

by David Wodtke

There’s a fine line between love and fear sometimes, odd though it sounds. How a person dedicated to love can turn so easily to despair is a paradox. I see it in myself and I see it in good people all around. We all see conditions in the world that tend toward desperate feelings. Those conditions have always existed to some extent, but they are increasing. There is a fundamental change in our relationship to the world and those around us. We’re being challenged in all our personal and global relationships during this time of uncertainty.

There is a deepening awareness and intimacy with all my relations, a linking of hearts and minds on levels beyond conscious awareness. And yet we are becoming conscious of it gradually. By listening to Nature through the awareness of the animal, plant and mineral tribes we may feel a great solace of the underlying harmony of Spirit.

Tapping into the human collective consciousness we find a desperate feeling of running on empty. The People in all their glorious potential have been fooled into an arrogance of separation from Life itself. In the name of Spirit or Science most have given over their free will.

But it’s not a done deal. Free choice exercises and strengthens the will. Humility before the Great Mystery of creation aligns that will to the highest good. Paradoxically, this “highest” good is not found up in the sky, but right under our feet. No, it is closer even than the hands or feet. The first steps on the path of humility help us to see the power and mystery as Mother, Father, Child, Friend, Earth, Sky, Animal, Plant or Stone. In this way we begin to open our hearts to the Oneness and freedom that is our birthright.