Friday, July 29, 2011

Respect is just a slight shift of perspective

Part III of Animal Balance is an invitation from the Divine Mother and Child through Ant and Snake to move deeply into the family pathology to uncover the gift that is now available to us in the collective experience.

July 13, 2011

Snake will you speak Now? What understanding do you bring?

I am Snake, the guardian of the golden treasure, protector of the Golden Child within You. The loss you feels is the loss of Innocence, the fear of isolation arising from the misconception that your life is separate from All Life. Identification with the conditional arising of change brings all sorrows. Attachment to the body/mind brings the suffering of birth and death.

In Truth your Real Nature is Infinite and Changeless. Each death presupposes Rebirth and the continuity of Life as the Ouroboros symbolizes, Snake eating its own tail. When the pains of life bite you, call on the healing balm of Snake.

I am Snake and I am guiding all misplaced thoughts back to the Infinite Mind, the Infinite Source of Love. This begins with Respect for All Life. Remember that Respect is just a slight shift of perspective, a small jump along the medicine wheel, a tiny turn on the dimmer switch of Infinite Light that helps you see that you are not your troubles or your pain, or even your pleasure. These are temporary. You Are Infinite!

Respect means look again at the true Nature of reality and glimpse the Infinite within You. Attune to the Infinite Source of Inspiration, creative power and energy that flows naturally through You. I understand your sorrows and hold you in the pure loving Love of Who you Really are.

Thank You Snake

July 15, 2011

Ant Medicine serves the whole tribe, the ancestors and future generations. Ant, will you speak today?

Yes, I wait patiently for your request. I am Ant, here to help you through my example of undaunted perseverance and devotion to the Whole, the One. The human family has existed in a state of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual separation. In the current movement toward Unity consciousness you must first feel deeply into the old patterns of fear and loss that have been in the Group Mind for eons.

But as you move fully into the experience of what is in the Core Heart with the determination to Honor All that Is, you will feel greater connection to the Infinite Mind which is the Source of all Creative Power.

I am Ant, a mere insect without the higher functioning brain of the People. So I am naturally fearless and devoted to the Queen, the Divine Mother. Earth Mother has sent me to help the People persevere in their devotion to one another and to the One Core Heart. As one by one and day by day you connect to the Core Heart you create a path for others to follow with Love, Respect and Gratitude.

The Purification extends inward and outward, to past and future from the Present to All that Is. When you heal the Self of the misconception of separation you create a chain, like Ants in a row, a chain reaction that brings healing to the Ancestors, the Earth and all future generations.

Follow my lead and persevere with the assurance of your highest Self who knows only Truth, Bliss and Unity. With Gratitude from the One Core Heart.

Thank You Ant

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Realignment of the Collective Unconscious

In Part II of Animal Balance Moose brings encouragement and energy to help move the rewiring of the Earth grids and the ancestral patterns that have held many of us for so long. Moose helps us move into a balanced place of Self Esteem as we shed these skins.

July 8, 2011

Moose steps in and bellows as a strong wind of change is felt:

I am brave!
I am strong!

Every ending is a new beginning. In every Death lies Rebirth. Every challenge is an opportunity to dive deeper into the waters of life to grasp the nourishing Truth of Who I Am.

I am Love and Sympathy!
I am Charming and Magnetic!
I am Pleased with All!

And I feel the deeper call of my highest good, the only real Purpose: to Love and be Loved. I am a channel for Grace.

July 9, 2011

Ant is that you? Yes, I am Ant, here for Mother Earth. There is an adjustment in the Earth that may be described as a pause and a rewiring or realignment of the collective unconscious, the Group Mind and thought patterns that give rise to the physical through the subtle energetic bodies which you experience through feeling.

July 12, 2011

Moose is here for the Father Sky. Yet Moose brings a strong presence of the primal feminine, the Void and the Magic of Life and Death. Moose as Father honors this Earth Life as a crucible for evolving Spirit. Moose, Will you speak today?

Yes, I am Moose of the North. My large size and noble stature balance the tiny Ant this month and represent the expansive knowledge and power that rise from inner connection to Who You Are. As you dive into the Ocean of All that Is again and again you feel a shift of perception that allows a new course of action and non-action.

Honoring, forgiving and letting go of past action allows you to heal the collective ancestral patterns that held you for so long. That is why family patterns and relationship struggles are coming to the surface. These challenges are opportunities to shed skins that no longer serve the highest good of All.

Snake feeds this energy as the collective rise in vibration brings forth the unique gifts of each One from the ashes of the collective Shadow. True self-esteem honors the light in each One even when they stand in darkness.

I am Moose! With my large antlers I draw in the awareness of a new world of beauty which emerges from the chaos. I stand strong on four legs holding to Earth Mother as she awakens in You new sensitivity. Stand with me that you may stand unshaken amidst the crash of breaking worlds in Trust and Patience.

With All my Love and Respect I give Thanks for the emergence of Who You Really Are!

Thank You Moose.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Family Healing & The Core Purification

July 1, 2011 New Moon—Solar Eclipse

Ant has arrived for Earth Mother now on the new moon solar eclipse. Amazing strength and resilience along with pure intent, patience and perseverance maintain the Emotional Body of Earth and her Children in the Group consciousness.

Thank You Ma! Let us walk on the six legs of wonder, strength, fortitude, intent, patience and determination.

Moose as the Father Sky bellows a song of pure loving love for the Self and Respect for All Life. Antlers are the antennae of attention and receive the higher frequencies of Joy that realign and transmute this World. This alignment and transmutation occurs on all levels of Body and Soul, Spirit and Nature.

Father, bring forth the fruit of the Tree of Life, the pure potential of Who We Really Are!

The Mother and Father give birth to the Divine Child who awakens in us as Snake basking in the heat of the Summer Sun. Sacred serpent of the East.

Show me the way of healing that brings Peace, Harmony and True Prosperity. Magnetize the spine, fuse Body and Soul in the Grounded vibrations of ever-new, ever-conscious, ever-present Joy!

Rise from the root in an upward spiral! Awaken the Blue-Green Dragon within that radiates outward from the pure awareness of the Core Heart of Earth Mother impregnated with the Natural Love of the All protecting Father. Let us feel the Truth “As above, so below,” and live the Truth “As within, so without.”

Thank You Ant, Moose Snake

July 6, 2011

Ant is the representative of Mother Earth this month. A strength and determination of unbounded proportion is released to aid the People as our feeling expands and begins to merge with the unified field of consciousness. Group mind touches the Core Heart beginning a cycle of profound change.

Family, friends and community bring both extreme challenges and amazing opportunities as we see ourselves and our patterns reflected more clearly in the present moment. What was thought lost is now found. What was swept under the rug is sometimes blown up in our faces. It is time for the Core purification…

Breathing the Whale breath I am Connected. I am Magnetic. I move easily into direct action, I speak my Truth and I let go, allowing the flow of Grace.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Your Dream is Dreaming You

Thank you Mother Beaver for your help in Building the Dream! Will you speak today?

Yes, I am Beaver, here for Earth Mother. I am known as the “busy beaver” and a “hard worker.” It is true that I am here to help you with your Dream. But you have often stopped yourself with the thought that it is too hard.

Remember that although you may give up on the Dream, the Dream will never give up on you. The Dream calls to you and waits for you to come Home.

I am an expert in managing the flow of rivers and streams of consciousness. I help bring the Unseen into the Seen World by slowing the flow of unconscious creative power and building my home there in the stillness. In the crystal clarity of the still waters of the Beaver pond you will see yourself reflected in your Truth: You are a Being of Love emanating from the Core Heart of Earth Mother.

For so long you identified with your troubles and traumas of the past that there grew a dark shadow of difficulty in the forest of the subconscious and you carried a heaviness of guilt in the conscience. Know that when you listen deeply to the voice of conscience you will hear the call of the Great Mystery.

What you call “hard” are the strong trees whose roots have held you safely on this Earth. Call on me, Beaver, and I will fell the forest of difficulties with my sharp teeth of Wisdom. These very troubles are the building blocks of your Dream Home.

As you create with me this Sacred Space you will build another World, a new Earth beyond your wildest Dreams. Remember the Dreamer who Dreams us all and give Love and Respect to All, as I do, from the Core Heart of all Life.

Thank You Beaver

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