Thursday, December 22, 2011

Find Your Self in the Chinese year of the Blue-Green Dragon

Welcome Home! The Earth Healing call on the Solstice was awesome! It was held at Noon PST and you may access the recording on the Earth Healing Page. What a wonderful feeling to Heal the Earth and our Self! Join me and many others in ushering in the New Light!!

My dear friend Be reminded me that 2012 is the Chinese year of the Dragon. Snake's message speaks of the winged serpent, an ancient symbol of Christ , aka Queztalcotl, the One who goes by many names. We may know and feel that 2012 is to be a year like no other. This is not because the world is ending, or we are "ascending" from the Earth, but because we stand on the brink of a New World. And it depends on a change in consciousness.

"Be the Change you wish to see in the world" as Ghandi said, is a daily practice of Core Awareness. In essence it is a Circle process that you begin in this moment. This new paradigm in Environmental Consciousness is embodied in the four phases of Transformation outlined by the Animals. To "eviron" is a transitive verb meaning: to form a circle or ring around. Forming a circle is an ancient way of defining boundaries, of protection, of healing Wisdom.

*Breathe into the Present
*Connect and Feel What Is
*Choose Free Will, Move into Action
*Now Let go, Allow Grace to Flow

This "New World" is inside us already. The Second Coming of Christ is the Rebirth of your Core Awareness which gives rise to the Awakening of the Heart's Natural Love. It is the Child Heart born anew in you! If this sounds esoteric or mysterious come on the healing call, or schedule a Core Awareness session and find out how simple it can be. Simple Presence opens the gate, Connection to you Source builds the Bridge for you to come Home to your Self.

Feel the spark of New Fire that is ignited Now. It is there inside to bring Courage, Endurance and Joy in the days ahead. Many come to the Gate and then fall back to sleep. Will you wake and find your own unique expression? Discovering your Gifts long hidden in the Shadows is like the return of the prodigal son. It is a return of Joy and Peace. Join me in Waking the Blue-Green Dragon, and Thanks for BEE-ing You!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Raven Wisdom

Raven, watch over the Child of my Heart. Prepare me for the next stage of my evolution, the next level of consciousness. Fill my heart with faith, trust and love for All, that heals all wounds of fear, betrayal and resentment. I am Thy Child. Thou art my Father, Mother and Friend. Move me with compassion for all beings! Lead me on new paths of adventure through direct action from the heart to the land of Grace, Forgiveness and Freedom!

November 11, 2011 ~*~ 11/11/11 :O)

Raven ushers in the Creative Genius of the Child Heart bringing the fire of passion and desire to the People from the darkness of the Void, allowing the Great Mystery to manifest in a tangible way as Practical Magic. Raven, are you there?

Yes, I am Raven, I am so proud of the Children of the Earth Mother! You have done well to let go of the confining need to understand everything that is occurring around you and within you, and yet, to hold the mind steady with common sense and determination.

From the feeling of emptiness inside you I emerge with the spark of Life, the Creative force. I carry the fire of Your inmost desire which ignites your Highest Dream into manifestation. Often I have flown out of the dark places of sorrow and guilt, dullness and fear. At these times you instantly feel lighter, more innocent and Happy for No Reason.

Just as often you reason this away and cling to the image of the dull and the terrible world! Simply remember when the Shadow comes not to fight it. Embrace the Shadow and allow those feelings to simply be without thought or explanation and you will begin to see more and more that this darkness is the vehicle for your Radiance and Light. It is the harbinger of your own God-spark, the gestation of your Truth, Wisdom and Majestic Self in the dark womb of the Earth Mother!

From the Velvety Darkness of the clear night Sky thousands of suns and moons shine through to guide and protect you on your journey back to your Highest Truth of Unity and Bliss consciousness. Love All! Love all you quirks and frailties. Respect All! Actively love even the darkness in others that defines the light.

And give Thanks to the Giver of All, offering the gift of Unconditional Forgiveness and acceptance for All, for yourself, for those around you and for this World just as it is. In this Thanks-Giving I bless You Now in the Presence of the Mother, Father, Child. I am Raven, your humble servant.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Moving swiftly toward Unity: Antelope Speaks

Antelope speaks of the power of action, adaptability and insulation from the elements along with the ability to derive abundance even through times of drought.

Antelope, I know and feel your presence in the aspect of the Earth Mother now. Will you speak? Yes, very soon I will speak. Just for now feel the presence of my protecting love deeper and deeper in your Core Heart and surrounding you like a thick hide that insulates you from all concerns. Watch for signals in the distance, for however distant I appear I am ever with you. Listen deeply and be ready to move on the swift winds of Peace and Joy that blow through your disquietude.

Antelope comes quickly from the Earth Mother to ease the restless heart and adapt to the inner and outer environment as it presents itself.

“I am strong and self-assured as I return to centered, grounded focus on the Truth in my Core Heart.”

Antelope, is that you? Yes! I am Antelope, creature of the plains. I move with great speed and draw sustenance from a sometimes barren and arid environment. I receive all the moisture I need from the plants I eat and I receive signals from others in my family over great distances.

My horns connect me to the higher vibrations and my four hooves connect me to the Earth, even as I fly like the wind! In this time of great change I will help you to become more aware of the Signals you receive from your spiritual family and to feed yourself from the ever-Present Love that is the water of life.

You constantly receive signals as thoughts and feelings. If you feel in the dark, stuck and uncertain, then you are receiving the vibrations of the shadow frequencies: the grief and despair that are so prevalent in the world now. But take this to heart – any thought or feeling you receive, any signal from the outside has a relative frequency in you. Respect All Life!

When up feel life is getting you down it is time to draw from the Core Heart the fire of compassion and forgiveness. Burn the seeds of sorrow in the blaze of awakening Truth: You are a Child of the One Mother, Father, Creator fully endowed with the Light of the Soul!

I am Antelope, here to remind you that the Mother comes quickly when She hears her Child crying in the wilderness. Offer all sorrows, desires, doubts, hopes and expectations to the Divine Mother and bask in the warmth of Her glowing Presence. Then You will be a beacon of light and your Soul spark will ignite the Heart’s Natural Love in many others. All my Love and Gratitude is with You.

Thank You Antelope!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

There is no future happiness, Bobcat Speaks

(excerpt from Animal Balance Journal)

There is no future happiness. There is no better world. This is it! Practice happiness now. Bobcat, do you wish to speak?

Yes, I am Bobcat. I am the growing power of Silence. When you seek answers in the Void and empty places of your heart you often hear nothing and run on feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied. But the Mother is always with you closer even than your hands and feet. Dive deeper into the Silence and you will feel your heart beat in resonance with the Core Heart of Earth Mother.

Give up hope of finding happiness in future and begin to feel the Presence of your own Divinity which bubbles up like a clear mountain spring in the blissful awareness of this moment. Breathe, relax and feel the expansive space at your Core that opens to magnetic qualities of Love and Gratitude. These are your innate qualities that hold the answers you seek and lead you home.

If you seek a better world and a more joyful existence give up hope and go within. Listen deeply in the silence to find the secret treasure buried there.

I Bobcat, Earth Mother, silent shakti, am guiding you with Respect for All Life.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Emptiness Opens to Creativity

Dragonfly, You have danced in the wind and light of Summer
playfully tugging my heartstrings. My Mind wants Answers, yet
you bring only Questions. Now I feel you are ready to speak…

Yes, I am Dragonfly. One of the most ancient life forms to live on
Earth Mother. You look for Change in the World. I have seen many
changes over hundreds of millions of years. My many eyes see
everywhere and my translucent wings reflect the Light.

In truth there is only One Light which is reflected and refracted into
many forms and colors. I am reflecting your light back to you now
upon this page in a new way so you may see your Self better. And
you are also a reflection of light, though at times you feel more like
a Black Hole!

Life for the People on Earth feels very dark at this time of
Purification. You have been shown and told that all is Light and joy,
yet there are times you feel darkness and despair all around. Know I
am always holding You, carrying You, shining a light of higher
truth especially at the times when delusion grips you.

But do not shy away from the Black Void. When you feel the
emptiness allow Yourself to dive deep into it. Wash Your Self in its
waters, for they are the waters of Creator. Your emptiness opens to
creativity when you let it.

Black is the color of our Mother, the Void from Whom all Life
Springs. The Water of Life is the Pond where I lay my eggs. They
hatch in those dark depths and live as nymphs for two years before
they mature with wings of Light.

With Patience, Trust, Surrender and Grace You too will fly out of
the darkness of despair and sorrow. Learn to fly on the winds of
Grace as Swan has shown. When your Joy matures you will shine a
new light that Reflects the splendor and glory of All Creation.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Be Present and Keep It Simple

In Part IV of Animal Balance Journal from July Snake speaks of the Light that shines in the sometimes dark moments of change. Snake carries a powerful alchemy of Rebirth and Healing.

July 25, 2011

There is a remarkable shift occurring with humanity which is clothed in the disguise of the ordinary. Everyday life is riddled with the moth holes of the dull and the terrible experiences that are common to many People at this time. War and rumor of war, violence and strife fill the news, yet there is also the sense of expansion and hope. The drudgery and oppression of the common man may be at an all time high. But these rents in the fabric of life when held up to the light for closer scrutiny allow pin holes of radiance to illuminate our paths of change.

Snake is the hidden helper of Earth’s Children. The coiled energy at the base of the spine known as kundalini rises, and the double helix of our DNA awakens to the transmuting touch of Song of the Soul. Snake, will you speak today?

Yes, I am Snake, the keeper of the Golden Treasure of the Child Heart, the Core Heart. I am here to help you when you call at any time. Call on me when you are bitten by the poisonous fangs of the illusion of separation. I am You, We are One. Call on the aspect of your True Self that lives in the World fully Present, Committed and Connected, but is not of the World alone.

I am the Involutionary path: The Way, the Truth and the Light. Call on me in times of pleasure and pain alike! I shower the Earth and all her Children with unconditional Forgiveness, Grace and the Peace beyond Understanding. Through the pain of initiation and renunciation you may shed the skins of the false reality known as duality.

Invite me to enter your Core Heart so that more and more you step into the Unity of Oneness whence flows All Wisdom, Power, Purpose and deepest Truth. I and Thou are One. This is the magical alchemy which turns your dross to Gold magnetizing your Miracles in the midst of transition. Be Present and keep it Simple. You are already experiencing the Rebirth of your Highest Dreams.

One more Re-MIND-er as you read or listen to these words. Be attentive in this moment to what is rising and falling in you. Open to your Truth and Joy by puffing your Awareness even through the empty space of lack and loss, the dull and the terrible.

I am Snake! I enter through any small opening to bless You with the One Love of the Core Heart. With All my Respect and gracious Gratitude for Who You Really Are.

Thank You Snake

Friday, July 29, 2011

Respect is just a slight shift of perspective

Part III of Animal Balance is an invitation from the Divine Mother and Child through Ant and Snake to move deeply into the family pathology to uncover the gift that is now available to us in the collective experience.

July 13, 2011

Snake will you speak Now? What understanding do you bring?

I am Snake, the guardian of the golden treasure, protector of the Golden Child within You. The loss you feels is the loss of Innocence, the fear of isolation arising from the misconception that your life is separate from All Life. Identification with the conditional arising of change brings all sorrows. Attachment to the body/mind brings the suffering of birth and death.

In Truth your Real Nature is Infinite and Changeless. Each death presupposes Rebirth and the continuity of Life as the Ouroboros symbolizes, Snake eating its own tail. When the pains of life bite you, call on the healing balm of Snake.

I am Snake and I am guiding all misplaced thoughts back to the Infinite Mind, the Infinite Source of Love. This begins with Respect for All Life. Remember that Respect is just a slight shift of perspective, a small jump along the medicine wheel, a tiny turn on the dimmer switch of Infinite Light that helps you see that you are not your troubles or your pain, or even your pleasure. These are temporary. You Are Infinite!

Respect means look again at the true Nature of reality and glimpse the Infinite within You. Attune to the Infinite Source of Inspiration, creative power and energy that flows naturally through You. I understand your sorrows and hold you in the pure loving Love of Who you Really are.

Thank You Snake

July 15, 2011

Ant Medicine serves the whole tribe, the ancestors and future generations. Ant, will you speak today?

Yes, I wait patiently for your request. I am Ant, here to help you through my example of undaunted perseverance and devotion to the Whole, the One. The human family has existed in a state of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual separation. In the current movement toward Unity consciousness you must first feel deeply into the old patterns of fear and loss that have been in the Group Mind for eons.

But as you move fully into the experience of what is in the Core Heart with the determination to Honor All that Is, you will feel greater connection to the Infinite Mind which is the Source of all Creative Power.

I am Ant, a mere insect without the higher functioning brain of the People. So I am naturally fearless and devoted to the Queen, the Divine Mother. Earth Mother has sent me to help the People persevere in their devotion to one another and to the One Core Heart. As one by one and day by day you connect to the Core Heart you create a path for others to follow with Love, Respect and Gratitude.

The Purification extends inward and outward, to past and future from the Present to All that Is. When you heal the Self of the misconception of separation you create a chain, like Ants in a row, a chain reaction that brings healing to the Ancestors, the Earth and all future generations.

Follow my lead and persevere with the assurance of your highest Self who knows only Truth, Bliss and Unity. With Gratitude from the One Core Heart.

Thank You Ant

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Realignment of the Collective Unconscious

In Part II of Animal Balance Moose brings encouragement and energy to help move the rewiring of the Earth grids and the ancestral patterns that have held many of us for so long. Moose helps us move into a balanced place of Self Esteem as we shed these skins.

July 8, 2011

Moose steps in and bellows as a strong wind of change is felt:

I am brave!
I am strong!

Every ending is a new beginning. In every Death lies Rebirth. Every challenge is an opportunity to dive deeper into the waters of life to grasp the nourishing Truth of Who I Am.

I am Love and Sympathy!
I am Charming and Magnetic!
I am Pleased with All!

And I feel the deeper call of my highest good, the only real Purpose: to Love and be Loved. I am a channel for Grace.

July 9, 2011

Ant is that you? Yes, I am Ant, here for Mother Earth. There is an adjustment in the Earth that may be described as a pause and a rewiring or realignment of the collective unconscious, the Group Mind and thought patterns that give rise to the physical through the subtle energetic bodies which you experience through feeling.

July 12, 2011

Moose is here for the Father Sky. Yet Moose brings a strong presence of the primal feminine, the Void and the Magic of Life and Death. Moose as Father honors this Earth Life as a crucible for evolving Spirit. Moose, Will you speak today?

Yes, I am Moose of the North. My large size and noble stature balance the tiny Ant this month and represent the expansive knowledge and power that rise from inner connection to Who You Are. As you dive into the Ocean of All that Is again and again you feel a shift of perception that allows a new course of action and non-action.

Honoring, forgiving and letting go of past action allows you to heal the collective ancestral patterns that held you for so long. That is why family patterns and relationship struggles are coming to the surface. These challenges are opportunities to shed skins that no longer serve the highest good of All.

Snake feeds this energy as the collective rise in vibration brings forth the unique gifts of each One from the ashes of the collective Shadow. True self-esteem honors the light in each One even when they stand in darkness.

I am Moose! With my large antlers I draw in the awareness of a new world of beauty which emerges from the chaos. I stand strong on four legs holding to Earth Mother as she awakens in You new sensitivity. Stand with me that you may stand unshaken amidst the crash of breaking worlds in Trust and Patience.

With All my Love and Respect I give Thanks for the emergence of Who You Really Are!

Thank You Moose.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Family Healing & The Core Purification

July 1, 2011 New Moon—Solar Eclipse

Ant has arrived for Earth Mother now on the new moon solar eclipse. Amazing strength and resilience along with pure intent, patience and perseverance maintain the Emotional Body of Earth and her Children in the Group consciousness.

Thank You Ma! Let us walk on the six legs of wonder, strength, fortitude, intent, patience and determination.

Moose as the Father Sky bellows a song of pure loving love for the Self and Respect for All Life. Antlers are the antennae of attention and receive the higher frequencies of Joy that realign and transmute this World. This alignment and transmutation occurs on all levels of Body and Soul, Spirit and Nature.

Father, bring forth the fruit of the Tree of Life, the pure potential of Who We Really Are!

The Mother and Father give birth to the Divine Child who awakens in us as Snake basking in the heat of the Summer Sun. Sacred serpent of the East.

Show me the way of healing that brings Peace, Harmony and True Prosperity. Magnetize the spine, fuse Body and Soul in the Grounded vibrations of ever-new, ever-conscious, ever-present Joy!

Rise from the root in an upward spiral! Awaken the Blue-Green Dragon within that radiates outward from the pure awareness of the Core Heart of Earth Mother impregnated with the Natural Love of the All protecting Father. Let us feel the Truth “As above, so below,” and live the Truth “As within, so without.”

Thank You Ant, Moose Snake

July 6, 2011

Ant is the representative of Mother Earth this month. A strength and determination of unbounded proportion is released to aid the People as our feeling expands and begins to merge with the unified field of consciousness. Group mind touches the Core Heart beginning a cycle of profound change.

Family, friends and community bring both extreme challenges and amazing opportunities as we see ourselves and our patterns reflected more clearly in the present moment. What was thought lost is now found. What was swept under the rug is sometimes blown up in our faces. It is time for the Core purification…

Breathing the Whale breath I am Connected. I am Magnetic. I move easily into direct action, I speak my Truth and I let go, allowing the flow of Grace.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Your Dream is Dreaming You

Thank you Mother Beaver for your help in Building the Dream! Will you speak today?

Yes, I am Beaver, here for Earth Mother. I am known as the “busy beaver” and a “hard worker.” It is true that I am here to help you with your Dream. But you have often stopped yourself with the thought that it is too hard.

Remember that although you may give up on the Dream, the Dream will never give up on you. The Dream calls to you and waits for you to come Home.

I am an expert in managing the flow of rivers and streams of consciousness. I help bring the Unseen into the Seen World by slowing the flow of unconscious creative power and building my home there in the stillness. In the crystal clarity of the still waters of the Beaver pond you will see yourself reflected in your Truth: You are a Being of Love emanating from the Core Heart of Earth Mother.

For so long you identified with your troubles and traumas of the past that there grew a dark shadow of difficulty in the forest of the subconscious and you carried a heaviness of guilt in the conscience. Know that when you listen deeply to the voice of conscience you will hear the call of the Great Mystery.

What you call “hard” are the strong trees whose roots have held you safely on this Earth. Call on me, Beaver, and I will fell the forest of difficulties with my sharp teeth of Wisdom. These very troubles are the building blocks of your Dream Home.

As you create with me this Sacred Space you will build another World, a new Earth beyond your wildest Dreams. Remember the Dreamer who Dreams us all and give Love and Respect to All, as I do, from the Core Heart of all Life.

Thank You Beaver

(from Animal Balance Journal, you may subscribe at the right sidebar)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Come out of the Cave of Silence, Bear speaks

Thank You Bear for being with me this month. Please share your mystery and unlock the unconscious power hidden in the heart space. Show me the key to unlock the Power of the Core Heart which is gracious, magnetic and expansive. Will you speak Bear?

Yes, I am Bear. I will speak a little today. Few words are needed when you cultivate a quiet heart in the cave of silence. When it’s time to emerge from the cave of silence it may be difficult at first to accept and receive the light that is all around you. This is the condition of the People at this time who are in the process of emergence in to Who You Really Are: fully integrated beings of Light in the Rainbow body.

Like caged birds whose door is opened, you may not willingly accept your new found freedom. Rejection defends the Core Wound from the ancient unconscious fear of separation and abandonment. Remember now that this darkness is only a cocoon, a place of gestation where transmutation occurs in the Core Heart of the People for the highest good of All Life.

In the dark void there is Death and Rebirth. You may call on me, Bear, in your own core heart to help let go of attachment to previous misconceptions of weakness and identification with the little “I” – as a great man said, “When this I shall die, then do I know who am I.”

Allow this little death and mourning to pass through. Fully surrender and allow the expansion that comes naturally from within, the expansion of your real Self. Accept the Presence of the Infinite Power that has always sustained you. Then radiate the Strength and Majesty of Respect for All Life which is you playing hide-and-seek with your Self.

Open now to Receive All my Love and Gratitude for Who You Are.

Thank You Bear

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Are you living your highest vision? Hawk's message

Bringing the higher frequency into this life as a step down transformer makes high voltage power useful in the home.

Help me assimilate the energy of this moment into my body, emotion, thought and action.

Hawk, I feel you soaring overhead, within me, everywhere, guiding and guarding the Innocent Child Heart. Will You speak?

Yes, I am Hawk, the messenger of your own Higher Vision. I circle and scan the Earth below as I embrace the air and rise on thermals of warmth from the Sun’s rays high above. As above, so below— as below, so above.

The golden radiance from Sky Father warms the Earth Mother life springs forth and life abounds. I feel the whispering wind currents and see the simple Truth that you are unique amidst this vast array of Creation. You are a unique expression of Soul Purpose.

Life is a dream play of consciousness which is playing at being un-conscious of its Self. It is a picture show in Shadows and Light of every shade and hue of color. As a unique soul your expression is a pattern of darkness and light which is often unconscious.

You’ve been told many times to raise your frequency, be positive, live in the light, seek your truth and many other wonderful ideas. But in reality there is nothing more that Awareness of what is trying to wake up, to become conscious of its Self.

When you walk in the sun you cast a shadow. The Shadow is only the darkness created by an object obstructing the light. You can’t get rid of your Shadow unless you hide in a dark cave, and then your whole being is in shadow. On a cloudy day your shadow does not appear, but it is always with you.

I am Hawk, here to aid you in the embodiment of your Soul Purpose. When you find yourself in a space of darkness, confusion, fear, doubt or despair, know that the greater intensity of your shadow is created and defined by the increased clarity and intensity of light that is now shining through You.

Step into this Awareness from the Core Heart and receive the vision of Hawk. Knowing this Truth, feel the radiant warmth and receive the light of the Father constantly passing through You. Turn toward the light again and again. Honor the Dark Mother that gives birth to all Life. I leave you with Gratitude, Love and Respect for All Life.

Thank You Hawk

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Building the Dream with Vision and Grace

Wow, what a Full Moon! And the lunar eclipse that just passed is igniting a whole new reality from the pure potential that we all are. Sometimes this is felt as elation, other times as confusion or worse. Just know that you’re not alone, we’re all in this together. I’ve created several opportunities to help gain clarity and healing from Nature through the Animals and Trees. One way is to join my group healing call scheduled for Saturday at noon PDT. Find the call details here

I’ve just come out with an unadvertised special on two Core Awareness healing/coaching packages that are not even on the site yet. The first four spots are already taken, but I’ll be offering the next 6 spots to my loyal subscribers and callers at 40-60% off of comparable packages.

Give me a call if you’d like to set up a complimentary consultation 541-250-1378 or just choose a time available on this site

If you’ve been unsure about what I’m really doing here or how it might help you I highly recommend watching this video which gives great insight on the Animal Dreamtime and how it supports the planet…

Star Beings of Africa, The White Lions of Timbavati from Brad Laughlin on Vimeo.

This month is a time to build your Dream with the aid of Beaver representing Earth Mother. Bear carries the balance of Sky Father with help in knowing how and when to come out of hibernation harnessing our own unconscious power each day. Meanwhile Hawk soars into the sky of the Child Heart with a strong message of initiative and protection. Stay tuned for more from Animal Balance, subscribe to the journal on the right side of this blog...

Monday, May 30, 2011

Opening the gate of transformation

Turtle is sometimes known as the keeper of doors. Turtle slows down time and thus extends life. Turtle energy is the antidote for our times connecting heaven and earth. We learn from Turtle to carry Home wherever we go.

Frog is a symbol of coming into your own personal power. He stays connected to the Creator, the Source of Life, as represented by the Water of Life. In his masculine aspect he represents the ability to detach from a particular emotional level as he matures and to stand his ground on dry land.

Frog knows when to make a leap into a new way of being. He sees his own beauty along with his ugliness teaching us to know our own strengths and weaknesses. When the Frog Prince allows the Princess, the Divine Earth Mother, to kiss him he finds his faults transformed and his majesty restored.

The Mother as Wolf speaks of the disciplined ritual that is required if we are to follow the path of the Core Heart. Wolf draws on the strength and self-knowledge that comes in solitude and open-hearted relaxation. From this stillness grows the awareness and self-assurance of belonging in the pack.

Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses brings you to the doorway, the gate to the path of personal power. Pause and open the gate of transformation that leads to forgiveness and respect.

Earth Service Practice

1) When trials come, breathe three times, slow down and feel deep into the heart space. Feel completely whatever you are feeling including sorrow and fear, then invite your hopes and dreams as well.
2) Now audibly or mentally repeat three times, “I choose and gratefully accept the path of forgiveness and respect for myself and all life. I am free, I am free, I am free!”
3) Look up for a moment and offer the feelings deeply into space above the crown of the head. You may wish to visualize a milky white or golden light. Continue to breathe into the brain cells, down through the spine, past the heart, core and belly to the ground.
4) Allow the sensation to flow out through the feet and base of the spine into the center of the Earth. Now draw up the Mother Love from her Core Heart with Gratitude.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Whale's Song and the Presence

I’d love to talk a little about being Present, what it means to be present and why it is important to healing, awakening and spiritual renewal. I’ve discovered that presence of mind is completely different from being truly present. More often than not the mind distracts us from the present moment by creating a commotion, and “ego dance,” every time it notices we’re starting to calm down and approach real Presence. Being present gives us access to our pure potential in the core heart. Our joyous essence is connected to the Infinite Source and being present connects us to that fountain of unlimited power. But the core heart not only contains this pure essence it also contains the core wound, the delusion, the play of the divine that creates a sense of separation along with our individual nature. That’s why the initial stages of learning to be present may involve remaining in the body/mind even when pain and suffering show up. It may not always be pleasant, but he benefits are great in the long run: Connection to Source, Inspired Action and Divine Grace.

How do we access the present moment? Breath, Silence, Attention, Awareness, Gratitude. These are all a great start, but can we really “access” something that is ours already?

In the Animal message Whale has become a symbol of the Presence and of the Joy that wells up when we are freed from the burdens of past and future time. This freedom comes not through great effort, but from open-hearted relaxation and letting go into the grace of this moment.

Swan speaks to the surrender that leads to grace...

"Don’t ever give up on Joy. Remember the story of the Swan song.
Often the most beautiful joyous vibration comes just when you are
about to give up all hope."

I am Whale. I swim easily into your seas with a song of great joy.
From Joy I came, in Joy I live and in sacred joy I melt at last!

This is true of all Creation – it begins and ends in Joy. As the
Navaho night chant says, “With beauty before me I walk, with
beauty behind me I walk… it is finished in beauty, it is finished in

I carry the constant memory of Beauty and of the Truth of Joy which
underlies and overlays all Creation. This is not a “metaphysical”
truth or mere “pie in the sky when you die.” This is the very real,
pure bliss at your very core just waiting to be realized. All that is
necessary is to open your eyes and ears to the song of Peace and
ever new joy. As the song says, “Who feels it knows it….”

So much fuss and drama keeps 99% of our energy blocking out the
waves of pure happiness that you may be convinced that it does not
even exist, that the drama is real. So at those times your life is dull
or worse, a terrible nightmare.

So many people are currently engrossed in the terrible motion
picture show that you feel waves of collective grief, fear and pain
even if you are generally balanced with a solid emotional
foundation. That is all right.

Let the pain awaken a deeper understanding and it will be seen as a
growing pain. Grow in compassion for those who are lost in this
moment and you will find your own unique way, your own song of
Joy, your Soul song. Use the gift of breath to sing a song that none
have sung, a song that only you know.

In this way your life is gradually and beautifully transformed and
All Life is deeply affected. With abiding Respect and appreciation I
offer all the love and kindness from the Heart of our Mother
through my own heart for the awakening Joy.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earth Healing for Earth Day

Animal Balance is a vehicle to bring peace and harmony to the world and wholeness to the individual. Spirit and Nature dancing together bring the re-emergence of balance and the re-awakening of free will and the heart’s natural love.

Experience the healing meditation. Listen to the call recording here!

Love and Respect /\

Friday, March 25, 2011

Earth-Service Audio with Sound Healing for Japan

Here's a recording of last Wednesday's group healing meditation for Japan. The first half shares some of my personal healing journey and ways the Animals and Trees can help you on your path.

One friend on the call said "It was powerful." Ana

The last half is Pamir Kiciman's beautiful sound healing chant. Please listen, send and receive healing if you are feeling vulnerable or a bit shaken from recent events. This will help you reconnect.

Many blessings to you All!

Message from Badger

I am Badger, here with a specific medicine today. The masses of the world are undergoing greater hardships through loss and deprivation. Even those of the privileged nations are fearful for their lot.

Loss is felt in the human, animal, vegetable and mineral Nations in the forms of loss of livelihood, habitat and means of survival. Whole species are lost daily and there is a sense of loss of control of a world gone astray.

There is a great loss of face, of social standing and anxiety over the future is prevalent in our times. But all loss comes from separation from the Divine Father/Mother/Friend/Beloved/Child of the One Heart. It is the loss of innocence.

Dig deep into your One Heart in the silence of your meditation and Commune with the One who dwells there and gives All to Everyone. Know that all you thought lost is held in the Core Heart.

Waves of collective grief and anger for the loss of the Earth’s many Children are shaking many to their Core now. As you enter your Core you will know that when we hold fast to our roots in the Earth all will be restored to us there.

You find in your closeness to Creator a new awareness of Who You Really Are: a Blessed Child of Divine Love, Unconditional Forgiveness and Infinite Abundance. Bless You all in Peace from the the One Heart!

NOTE: Check out the Animal Balance Readings link for an updated description of personal healing services.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hawk eats Starling: Higher Vision versus group consciousness

Just after the Squirrel came to die in the back yard last Fall, I found a pile of feathers in the back yard under the Cherry Tree. A bird hawk had eaten a Starling. Later Little Dog brought me the head, very proud.

Hawk is the guardian and initiates higher vision. Starling is on who lives in a flock and carries the group dynamic to extremes sometimes. The mob mentality can overpower our best intentions and highest good sometimes.

The need for external validation—acceptance from family, friends or clan often overpowers the internal acceptance, the knowing Who We Really Are. At these times Hawk may come to devour the body of ignorance.

We are left feeling torn apart, like the poor Starling, but it is only meant to get us out of our head. It is the nourishment received from consuming the body of Starling that feeds the higher vision of Hawk.

Only by completely embracing the shadows long held in our collective unconscious will we grow into the higher consciousness of the Radiant Self.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Like a Thief in the Night

(exerpt from this month's Animal Balance)

I filled the pond after the Racoons drained out most of the water by knocking the hose out of my stream. It feels like a direct result of my energy work there on the new moon.

Racoon, I call upon you in light and love. I invite your aid and positive energy for the highest good of all. Energy of love, energy of change, bless me with the Wisdom to see past the masks people put on and to see through the ignorance of ages: the false belief in the inherent, independent existence of people and things.

Dharmakaya, Maha Prakriti, Divine Mother, reveal Thyself in my Self and show me through the miracle of Love that I am free to choose any mask, any shape or form and yet remain aware of the formless absolute.

Above all help me with Abundant Love and Wisdom to shape my life in alignment with higher Will to bring the formless into form with beauty, compassion and loving-kindness.

Break me again and again until I see that I am unbreakable, unchangeable Spirit. Smelt my gold from dark ore in the fires of trial and difficulties until I laugh in full radiant awareness of Thy Grace which flows with effortless ease.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Squirrel Speaks of Releasing the Wound

A squirrel came to the back yard with a fatal wound—barely jumping from the roof to a branch of the Cherry Tree, clinging there then moving a little further down the branch—in shock from an accident I suppose.

My friend, Squirrel, you came to say goodbye. I saw your last leap and though you barely held on you did not fall, but managed eventually to climb down the trunk to the ground before your death transition back to Mother Earth, the release from pain and suffering. So I honored this as your last wish, your instinct to be buried under that tree. Your body is now nourishment for her roots washed in heavy rain. Tree of Life, the sacred spiral takes you in.

Squirrel, will you speak?

Yes, I am Squirrel, singing a song for you and all of Earth’s Children from deep in the Core Heart of Mother/Father. My wordless song is a story and a reminder of both the beauty of life and impermanence. Thank you for honoring my body by offering it back to our Mother. Inside, deep inside your inner knowing you feel that what you did for me you did for yourself and for All Life. This is the foundation of Oneness, the unity consciousness which leads to Peace and Harmony.

As I walk my path on the good Blue Road of Spirit I offer you this message of hope for the world and for All that Is. My difficult passage from the roof top to the tree across the branch with guts hanging out is a symbol of woundedness and grief that is felt by humankind and held in the gut. It can be a gnawing empty feeling or a screaming rage. Who feels it knows it.

I am Squirrel, the gatherer who has helped you collect the seeds of the Heart’s Natural Love. That is the perpetual power that carried me across the branch, back to the Tree and down again to Earth. Having given my All I return to the Earth as you will also. Now I am with You in the Core Heart. Give back all your grief and pain and re-connect to the Tree of Life.

Feel the roots of life restore and rebirth You in the Core Heart and You will walk in Balance and Freedom again. With all my Love from the Animals, Plants and Stones, Thanks for listening with an open heart and Respect for All Life.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Feeling the Power of Creation: Expanding the Light in 2011

Written January 4, 2011

(This is the intro to Animal Balance Journal volume 35, Click here to read the full ezine. Please sign up on the right to receive the complete animal messages.)

Happy New Moon, New Year, New Day and New World!

There is a new feeling in the air and in my body/mind as I look out at the grey sky and bare trees of Corvallis, Oregon. I can feel the change in my heart and mind as a conscious choice of loving intent takes root in humanity from a deeper place of soul communion.

Mother, Father, Beloved Child, this human family has walked in darkness for a long time, but we are now ready, willing and able to emerge in to a New World of our Dreams for the highest good of All.

Earth Mother is Dragonfly, symbol of emergence from the shadowy depths of victim consciousness into the pure air and light of freedom from the illusion of separation into Oneness. This is enhanced by a conscious choice of beauty which is an invitation to our pure presence.

Whale as the Heavenly Father dives deep into the ocean of life in a circular motion gradually raising awareness from a subconscious involutionary urge to a superconscious state of BEE-ing Present with the evolutionary and revolutionary changes within us and all around us.

Knowing, Knower, Known as One.

In Oneness I am that I am.

I am not the mind or ego thoughts and feelings. Yet I experience them in this life and see the results of fear and selfishness along with a glowing radiance of love and selflessness.

Grandmother Spider connects the Child in you to the One Heart at the Core of Creation. Come back to the Core Heart. Feel your place at the center of Life’s web. Follow this thread again and again into the land of luminescent Dreams. Come back to Life and you will help to wake the walking dead.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We are all Gatekeepers of Oneness

Practicing the Presence is the practice of being present with your inner and outer environment. By the practice of silent observation we can use the senses which are usually directed outward to turn inward.

It is important to honor the inner Creator with plenty of silence and solitude. It is also important to respect my wife, friends and companions when I feel their pain affecting me, to be present. Being really present is to open to all experience and see all of life’s energy as a gift from the Creator.

From the solid physical existence to consciousness of thoughts and feelings to subtle perceptions, all these are gifts and signals of how truth is manifesting through our lives.

The painful and uncomfortable experiences signal a blockage of self-denial or ignorance. We are ignoring something of our true status as a Divine Child of unlimited power. But these blockages that present as physical or emotional pain, numbness or self-doubt are only temporary. In fact they are essentially nonexistent from the standpoint of Oneness and higher truth.

These “blocks” are the necessary building blocks of the finite world in which one infinite being plays the roles of many. The illusion of separation is maintained by the great multitude of temporary blockages. But a barrier which moves is usually known as a gate or doorway to a path not taken.

That is why it is so important to remain present with any form of pain or disquietude. We’re not meant to dwell on the wounds or stuck feelings, but to embrace these shadows in the higher frequency of Oneness, inviting and allowing the universal power which is our natural love from the core heart of our being to be present.

With patience all blockages dissolve. Knock and all doors will open as portals to the infinite potential. All problems are seen as opportunities when we accept our place as gatekeepers of Oneness.