Thursday, March 31, 2016

Raven of the North

Ravens are blowing against the wind, flying, always against the wind, ella, Spirit. Raven, is there a message you wish to speak?

Yes, I am Raven of the North. I live in the most unforgiving climate, yet I prosper. My brother is the wind who blows from the North, the frozen wind that turns the sea to ice. My sister is the darkness of night who gives me a cover of black from which I draw the magic of Creation.

As black absorbs all colors of light I carry all the colors of the Rainbow within me. I act as a carrier of light outside of time and space to aid non-local healing and to connect You with the power of the Presence which cures past failures and future fears.

I am able to work outside of the laws of time and space because I follow a higher law known as Crow Law:

Land is Life. Respect All Land and Life.

So when You feel yourself flying against the raging wind of turbulent life over a barren frozen land, and when you feel forsaken and forgotten, remember to forgive and give thanks for the wind that carries you.

With patient rhythm of the heart beat open to the timeless Presence of the Core Heart of the Earth Mother whose only desire is simply to hold you and to Love You. In her Presence is Majesty, Grace, and Freedom.

From the Heart of Bliss, Awakening, and Inspiration you will learn to Honor yourself. You will give and receive freely from your Magnetic and Super-Abundant Nature.

Thank You Raven