Sunday, September 18, 2011

There is no future happiness, Bobcat Speaks

(excerpt from Animal Balance Journal)

There is no future happiness. There is no better world. This is it! Practice happiness now. Bobcat, do you wish to speak?

Yes, I am Bobcat. I am the growing power of Silence. When you seek answers in the Void and empty places of your heart you often hear nothing and run on feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied. But the Mother is always with you closer even than your hands and feet. Dive deeper into the Silence and you will feel your heart beat in resonance with the Core Heart of Earth Mother.

Give up hope of finding happiness in future and begin to feel the Presence of your own Divinity which bubbles up like a clear mountain spring in the blissful awareness of this moment. Breathe, relax and feel the expansive space at your Core that opens to magnetic qualities of Love and Gratitude. These are your innate qualities that hold the answers you seek and lead you home.

If you seek a better world and a more joyful existence give up hope and go within. Listen deeply in the silence to find the secret treasure buried there.

I Bobcat, Earth Mother, silent shakti, am guiding you with Respect for All Life.