Tuesday, December 28, 2010

BEE-ing Present, the Gift that Keeps on Giving

When I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2001 I was not afraid to die. I have always felt that death is a release from the struggles of this world. But I began to wonder if I had ever really lived, fully present in this moment.

Suddenly all of my worries for the future over money and purpose, my place in society all melted away. Even regrets over past mistakes and unfulfilled dreams paled, in the days that followed, next to the one desire to be present.

I wanted to be there to see my daughters grow up and graduate from school. I wanted to feel the earth under my feet and breath the cool air of morning, to watch the birds fly overhead and to listen to the silence. I gradually began to forgive myself and others for all perceived offenses.

Men and women alike are being increasingly challenged by their feeling nature to heal the wounds of aggression, humiliation and desecration of Divine Nature in us and around us. These are the places of dishonor and brokenness we have accepted as a way of life. Woundedness and denial must be healed by realization of our oneness and awareness of our uniqueness, connection and purpose.

BEE-ing Present brings me into alignment with my true Self. The lovely paradox is that being fully present with whatever lie you are telling yourself about your situation leads you to liberating truth. Any story can be rewritten and any suffering may be seen as a gift of experience.

I’ve learned from the Celtic Tree readings that the higher view and long sight of the Silver Fir is the thread you follow. It is the shift to a higher perspective that allows healing solutions. Sometimes healing crisis and even death are the best medicine for the soul.

In the labyrinth of sufferings that result from, doubt, fear and self-loathing there is a breakdown and a breakthrough which allows higher potential to emerge. In the moment all is lost there is nothing left to hold onto and we float suspended in a place that questions all previous assumptions, a place of surrender.

We finally let go of belief and disbelief in the experience of the present moment. In the moments of deepest loss we may begin to feel an invitation to open our hearts to the love of the higher Self. By embracing loss whole-heartedly in the Present we connect to the unlimited healing potential of pure awareness.

Breathe and stay Present. Be aware of the stories you tell that are not what you prefer, especially the areas where you have agreed with fear and self-doubt. Embrace awareness of these shadows and release them in solid Self-assurance.

So what story would you like to tell? The Frog Prince describes a perfect metaphor for facing the slippery mind and shifting into your majesty and essential divinity. The Princess is our divine feminine aspect: the open, circular, intuitive, right brain self who looks directly at the ugly, slimy, jumpy Frog. She chooses to embrace and kiss the Frog which allows him to transform in all his radiance to the Prince: a peaceful, prosperous, lover of calm reason, strength, and protection.

It is only from the place of emptiness and awareness that we can choose a new path of being which is suited to who we really are.