Sunday, June 24, 2012

You Have the Strength, a Message from Bear

(Inspired by one of my client’s visions of Bear: swimming over a shimmering lake to a platform, Bear said “You have the strength to get there and when you do you will help many others.”)

I am Bear. The “shimmering lake” is the changeable vibration of the mental/emotional sea—water & light. In reality, the world you call real is a dreamscape of dancing shadows and light. The movement of Beings swimming through the sea of consciousness creates the waves of thought and emotion that you perceive as pleasure or pain, happy or sad, dull or vital.

You have the Strength to swim out to the platform of ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new Joy that sit in the center of the lake. To accomplish this you must feel the supporting vastness of the sea of cosmic consciousness which is closer than you think.

As I, Bear, take time to go into the Cave of Silence for hibernation and introspection, to must you dig deeper into the inner realm, into your real Self to discover your real nature of unchangeable Joy.

Once you feel that Joy your Presence will bless all People and all Nature. Your Presence and Awareness in the Core Heart of Oneness is the key to creating new solutions to the many problems of this world. You create positive change by diving into the sea of changelessness and carrying the Pearls of Wisdom and Peace back into the world of illusion.

Remember, the fact that life is a dream does not mean that “nothing matters.” There is a relative existence, a functional reality to this life whose highest purpose is to live in expanding love, the Source of all life, and to lead others home.

Thank You Bear