Thursday, September 22, 2016

Equinox messages from the Animals

August 15, 2016

Spirit Eagle, cleanse my body/mind and soul of all dross. Let my soul shine through my heart with Thy divine love, unconditional forgiveness and compassion for all. Let my heart’s radiance shine through every cell in my body clearing all obstacles and reawakening realization of Truth, Freedom and Honor.

I am the Light that shines in darkness. And I honor the light in every One regardless of appearances of the current state of delusion. All beings are intricate patterns of shadow and light. Blessed Eagle Mother watch over our lives.

August 18, 2016

Since the last new moon early in August the balance animals have been Eagle for Earth, Armadillo for Sky and Porcupine for the Divine Child. Eagle brings light to the physical environment and Armadillo creates a strong armor of radiant wisdom and love around our bodies and our world.

Spirit infuses Earth/Body and Earth radiates Spirit, a higher frequency of the New Earth. The Child, Porcupine feels playful, yet prickly.

There is a new rhythm guiding those who listen. There is safety and protection for the prayer-full, turmoil and turbulence when we look outside ourselves for full-fillment.

Oneness is as Oneness does. There is no judgment, only compassion and perseverance.

September 18, 2016

Divine Mother, Skunk, thank you for your guidance and loving support. Will You speak?

Yes, I am Skunk, here this month empowering the feminine aspect of Your being. I am carrying the “new fire” which is a subtle energy flowing through and lighting up the Earth Mother’s body. The new fire is subtle in the sense that it is unseen like electricity, but like electric current it must be managed or it may shock you.

Your body is like a battery or a light bulb that can only take so much charge, so much power, or is may break. But unlike the bulb or the battery you may upgrade your electrical system by attunement to divine Will within, and by increased receptivity and openness to the Earth Mother through the Core Heart.

In these times of change there is a great beauty, strength and inspiration available. “There are no problems, only solutions.” And at this time in history there are more solutions pending that ever before. But initial responses and reactions are always to problems. You may feel great tension and pressure in the Body-Mind. When this occurs remember me, Skunk who walks without fear.

I am the movement in the stillness, and the stillness in the movement. If you feel agitated or your body is in pain please accept it as a message of change. Practice a simple exercise slowly and with full attention. Your body will relax and become more supple. Your mind will become more adaptable.

It is the time of the Great Coming Together. If you are feeling only isolation take time to go within and bask in the solitude of sacred aloneness, the precursor of All-One-ness. The Awakening of the Heart’s Natural Love is not all sunshine and rainbows. But after violent storms the light inevitably returns.

I honor the light in each One of You whether you appear shining or broken. Much Love, Respect and Gratitude from the Core Heart of Earth Mother.

Thank You Skunk.

September 19, 2016

Spider, Father, bless me with a web of light. Help me to write and form new patterns of abundance, prosperity, healing and harmony.

Vision of the healed human spirit

The original blueprint
Earth Moon
Freedom Star
Serving All as One
Holding each in honor
Growing together
Sharing whatever comes
With Trust and Compassion
For each other
Giving of Self
With Love
And laughter

September 21, 2016

Salmon, you come for the Child. Bless me with Your Wisdom to keep moving toward the Source of Universal Love despite contrary currents. It is the Inter-National Day of Peace. Salmon, will You Speak?

Yes, I am Salmon. I am offering help and guidance on this day and during this cycle to all those who work for a return to Peace and Truth. I return Home each Year to my place of origin to lay my eggs. Those who choose to work for a life of love and wisdom are often met with contrary currents.

Every day you hear stories of violence and chaos. These energies of anger and fear are the flotsam and jetsam flowing downstream which will eventually be purified in the Ocean of Universal Love and Cosmic Consciousness. In the storms of desire many old patterns washed up from attachment to traumas of the past.

I, Salmon, am here infusing the Divine Golden Child with Strength to continue upstream in spite of all appearances. Continue to work for Peace and Justice with compassion and wisdom and you will plant the seeds of the New Earth.

These are my eggs of Divine Presence. These seed eggs contain the Original Blueprint that will be used to build heaven on earth, and the road map that will take you Home. In spite of all struggles remember to honor the spark of the Creator in You and in All.

Respect All Land and Life, for the same spark is in each speck of space. I am blessing You Now with the energy of perseverance on your Path.

Thank You Salmon.


Father, Spider, you weave webs of Connection that pull my heartstrings with yearning for divine love. Will You speak?

Yes, I am Spider, here to support you in the activation of potential that is available now in this moment. In the Father aspect I may seem distant. In spite of awakening threads of connection to Infinite Spirit there is sense of isolation amongst the people at times.

Periods of solitude are normal and necessary during times of expansion of consciousness. Without proper grounding you may being to feel agitated or isolated from others with whom you share your experiences. An outer example of this is the World Wide Web. Which literally connects millions through words, images, sounds and video. Yet it often leaves you feeling isolated instead of connected.

There is growing information overload. Often people connect to images on a screen ignoring the people around them., or perhaps more importantly and pointedly, ignoring their own inner lives, their dreams, thoughts and feelings that would guide them if the listened more deeply.

I am Spider. I build my web of connection, then I site alone in the center patiently waiting. Think of me and call on me for support when you are in need of assistance or when overwhelm is felt. I am here to help you connect to Spirit, Eternal Self, Infinite Source of wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Although I seem distant my threads connect every part of Creation. I am always with You, ready to help if You only ask an allow. All my blessings from the Heart of the Sky descend on you with greatest Respect and Gratitude for Who You Really Are.

Thank You Spider.

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