Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Silent Watcher

Fox has always been close ally of Earth Service ever since the first Issue of Animal Balance Journal. Fox embodies reassurance of the eternal presence and of the higher intelligence within each one of us.

/\ ~*~ /\

Fox, I invite you to speak…

I am here in this cycle for the Earth Mother to show you the way
of balance with brother Hawk. I am of the Earth and make my
home in the earth keeping a warm den for my family. I am her
eyes and ears silently watching you in the night. I observe all that
is and I am here for you to show you that aspect of your Self that
is the unseen Silent Watcher.

As Hawk is the message bringer I am the message bearer, the
vessel. I am that which gives form to the formless creative Spirit. I
am active at night, dawn, and dusk patiently stalking the highest
good. Watch the silent activity of your dreams now as they bring
you new details, insights and questions. What is being activated in
your life? As it has been said, “Live your questions” allow the
answers to fall when they are ripe. Don’t be like the Fox in the
story that complains of “sour grapes.”

I move swiftly and change direction easily even climbing up trees
when necessary. Be flexible like that and be forgiving, first to
yourself, then to All Unconditionally.

That is all for now. Thank you for this opportunity to share the
wisdom of the Earth, the wisdom of the Grandmothers.

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