Friday, July 30, 2010

Flicker's Message of Healing Growth

Flicker is here on the roof – for the 2nd time in two days. Bounding love is arriving. Flicker? Will you speak?

Yes, I am Flicker, totem of the Summer solstice. This is a time of high frequency, high energy infusion. A new light shines on the People. It is like the early light shining on the field at dawn that accentuates the Shadows. As you receive the energy of a new awakening you feel yourself bask in its warmth and wonder, then you run from the light.

Part of you prefers the darkness which is familiar. This light exposes you, so naturally your first reaction is to feel naked and afraid. Behind this reaction is the gift of revolution and rebirth.

I am Flicker! I bring forward the rhythm of healing love, creation and new growth. As you open to receive the new creative power of these Purification times you must embrace the darkness which is the gestation and origin of change. If you feel exposed and naked as a child invite the Innocence and Wonder to return.

The new moon – black crescent on my chest symbolizes the void in the heart of the People, the emptiness, isolation and secret fear of aloneness. Dive deeper into your emptiness and you will see that alone really is All One. The new moon is the darkest time and the beginning of new light.

The song says, “Who tells me Thou art dark? O My Mother Divine, thousands of suns and moons through Thy body do shine!”

As this new light returns remember always to come back to the earth. stay grounded and enter the silence again and again. Give Thanks! I offer all my Love and Respect to You and All Oneness.


Bliss Body, Beauty Body, Soul Bliss, Life Belonging. Source of Beauty: Bliss Self, Belonging in Society. Flicker was at the bird feeder this morning and I didn’t notice until he was flying away. Flicker says…

It is often so. When new energy of healing growth comes into your life as love and upliftment it is often taken for granted to such an extent that you don’t consciously notice until it flies away from you. That’s why Presence is so important, and appreciation. Your Bliss will sometimes fly away temporarily during life’s evolution, but it returns soon when gratitude is offered.

Thank You Flicker


It’s morning

looking out
the window
move casually
in shadowed light


Flicker showed up again not 10 feet away on my roof, the flew to the Cherry Tree. It is time to start writing the tree series I hear. Flicker, three times you have come to visit face to face, many more times calling from a distance What do you have to say today?

Hello, I am Flicker. In life’s uncertainties you thrive on routine, a regular rhythm of growth. The steady expansion and contraction of the lungs is the thread of breath that connects body/mind and spirit. You honor commitment, consistency and simplicity, but you fear the loss of spontaneity and autonomy.

It is just the nature and rhythm of contraction and expansion. Commitment must come from your presence and connection in the Core Heart in this moment. Any future commitment is a fantasy. Any outer commitment is oppression.

Fly into the Core Heart! I landed on the trunk of the cherry tree, then flew to the branches. You must connect to the Core Heart of the Earth, then you may choose any branch of activity you feel drawn to. Once the choice is made you must let go.

The loss of letting go into the devotion of your Heart Core is felt as Freedom. In this new found freedom of letting go You find the Simplicity of Love and Respect for All Life. And your gratitude becomes a boundless Bliss.

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