Friday, September 3, 2010

Father Crow Speaks

I see and believe that I am ready, willing and able to make a quantum leap of consciousness. I am Self-Aware. I am a Child of God, a spark from the Infinite Source of Life. I am omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. I am constantly aware and connected to my Core Heart. From my love I share the essence of my Soul Nature and invite One and All to join me in perfect health, infinite abundance and well-being.


Yes, I am Crow. I feed on the ground. In this way I demonstrate the energy by which you may ground the Spirit within you. Connect to the nurturing life energy from the Mother under your feet. Pause and feel the pull of gravity which draws all life back to the center.

I feed on the ground, and then carry the sustenance with me as I soar and dive in the air or stand vigilant on the power lines outside your house. I know the Source of my power which is the Source of All Power. Once you connect to this Source and feel it moving in every cell, in your belly, in your heart and up to your brain your Spirit will begin to soar in free flight and your mind will serve you as a vigilant sentinel of awareness. Respect All Land and Life, for Land is Life.

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