Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We are all Gatekeepers of Oneness

Practicing the Presence is the practice of being present with your inner and outer environment. By the practice of silent observation we can use the senses which are usually directed outward to turn inward.

It is important to honor the inner Creator with plenty of silence and solitude. It is also important to respect my wife, friends and companions when I feel their pain affecting me, to be present. Being really present is to open to all experience and see all of life’s energy as a gift from the Creator.

From the solid physical existence to consciousness of thoughts and feelings to subtle perceptions, all these are gifts and signals of how truth is manifesting through our lives.

The painful and uncomfortable experiences signal a blockage of self-denial or ignorance. We are ignoring something of our true status as a Divine Child of unlimited power. But these blockages that present as physical or emotional pain, numbness or self-doubt are only temporary. In fact they are essentially nonexistent from the standpoint of Oneness and higher truth.

These “blocks” are the necessary building blocks of the finite world in which one infinite being plays the roles of many. The illusion of separation is maintained by the great multitude of temporary blockages. But a barrier which moves is usually known as a gate or doorway to a path not taken.

That is why it is so important to remain present with any form of pain or disquietude. We’re not meant to dwell on the wounds or stuck feelings, but to embrace these shadows in the higher frequency of Oneness, inviting and allowing the universal power which is our natural love from the core heart of our being to be present.

With patience all blockages dissolve. Knock and all doors will open as portals to the infinite potential. All problems are seen as opportunities when we accept our place as gatekeepers of Oneness.

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