Monday, May 30, 2011

Opening the gate of transformation

Turtle is sometimes known as the keeper of doors. Turtle slows down time and thus extends life. Turtle energy is the antidote for our times connecting heaven and earth. We learn from Turtle to carry Home wherever we go.

Frog is a symbol of coming into your own personal power. He stays connected to the Creator, the Source of Life, as represented by the Water of Life. In his masculine aspect he represents the ability to detach from a particular emotional level as he matures and to stand his ground on dry land.

Frog knows when to make a leap into a new way of being. He sees his own beauty along with his ugliness teaching us to know our own strengths and weaknesses. When the Frog Prince allows the Princess, the Divine Earth Mother, to kiss him he finds his faults transformed and his majesty restored.

The Mother as Wolf speaks of the disciplined ritual that is required if we are to follow the path of the Core Heart. Wolf draws on the strength and self-knowledge that comes in solitude and open-hearted relaxation. From this stillness grows the awareness and self-assurance of belonging in the pack.

Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses brings you to the doorway, the gate to the path of personal power. Pause and open the gate of transformation that leads to forgiveness and respect.

Earth Service Practice

1) When trials come, breathe three times, slow down and feel deep into the heart space. Feel completely whatever you are feeling including sorrow and fear, then invite your hopes and dreams as well.
2) Now audibly or mentally repeat three times, “I choose and gratefully accept the path of forgiveness and respect for myself and all life. I am free, I am free, I am free!”
3) Look up for a moment and offer the feelings deeply into space above the crown of the head. You may wish to visualize a milky white or golden light. Continue to breathe into the brain cells, down through the spine, past the heart, core and belly to the ground.
4) Allow the sensation to flow out through the feet and base of the spine into the center of the Earth. Now draw up the Mother Love from her Core Heart with Gratitude.

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