Friday, June 24, 2011

Come out of the Cave of Silence, Bear speaks

Thank You Bear for being with me this month. Please share your mystery and unlock the unconscious power hidden in the heart space. Show me the key to unlock the Power of the Core Heart which is gracious, magnetic and expansive. Will you speak Bear?

Yes, I am Bear. I will speak a little today. Few words are needed when you cultivate a quiet heart in the cave of silence. When it’s time to emerge from the cave of silence it may be difficult at first to accept and receive the light that is all around you. This is the condition of the People at this time who are in the process of emergence in to Who You Really Are: fully integrated beings of Light in the Rainbow body.

Like caged birds whose door is opened, you may not willingly accept your new found freedom. Rejection defends the Core Wound from the ancient unconscious fear of separation and abandonment. Remember now that this darkness is only a cocoon, a place of gestation where transmutation occurs in the Core Heart of the People for the highest good of All Life.

In the dark void there is Death and Rebirth. You may call on me, Bear, in your own core heart to help let go of attachment to previous misconceptions of weakness and identification with the little “I” – as a great man said, “When this I shall die, then do I know who am I.”

Allow this little death and mourning to pass through. Fully surrender and allow the expansion that comes naturally from within, the expansion of your real Self. Accept the Presence of the Infinite Power that has always sustained you. Then radiate the Strength and Majesty of Respect for All Life which is you playing hide-and-seek with your Self.

Open now to Receive All my Love and Gratitude for Who You Are.

Thank You Bear

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