Friday, June 24, 2011

Come out of the Cave of Silence, Bear speaks

Thank You Bear for being with me this month. Please share your mystery and unlock the unconscious power hidden in the heart space. Show me the key to unlock the Power of the Core Heart which is gracious, magnetic and expansive. Will you speak Bear?

Yes, I am Bear. I will speak a little today. Few words are needed when you cultivate a quiet heart in the cave of silence. When it’s time to emerge from the cave of silence it may be difficult at first to accept and receive the light that is all around you. This is the condition of the People at this time who are in the process of emergence in to Who You Really Are: fully integrated beings of Light in the Rainbow body.

Like caged birds whose door is opened, you may not willingly accept your new found freedom. Rejection defends the Core Wound from the ancient unconscious fear of separation and abandonment. Remember now that this darkness is only a cocoon, a place of gestation where transmutation occurs in the Core Heart of the People for the highest good of All Life.

In the dark void there is Death and Rebirth. You may call on me, Bear, in your own core heart to help let go of attachment to previous misconceptions of weakness and identification with the little “I” – as a great man said, “When this I shall die, then do I know who am I.”

Allow this little death and mourning to pass through. Fully surrender and allow the expansion that comes naturally from within, the expansion of your real Self. Accept the Presence of the Infinite Power that has always sustained you. Then radiate the Strength and Majesty of Respect for All Life which is you playing hide-and-seek with your Self.

Open now to Receive All my Love and Gratitude for Who You Are.

Thank You Bear

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Are you living your highest vision? Hawk's message

Bringing the higher frequency into this life as a step down transformer makes high voltage power useful in the home.

Help me assimilate the energy of this moment into my body, emotion, thought and action.

Hawk, I feel you soaring overhead, within me, everywhere, guiding and guarding the Innocent Child Heart. Will You speak?

Yes, I am Hawk, the messenger of your own Higher Vision. I circle and scan the Earth below as I embrace the air and rise on thermals of warmth from the Sun’s rays high above. As above, so below— as below, so above.

The golden radiance from Sky Father warms the Earth Mother life springs forth and life abounds. I feel the whispering wind currents and see the simple Truth that you are unique amidst this vast array of Creation. You are a unique expression of Soul Purpose.

Life is a dream play of consciousness which is playing at being un-conscious of its Self. It is a picture show in Shadows and Light of every shade and hue of color. As a unique soul your expression is a pattern of darkness and light which is often unconscious.

You’ve been told many times to raise your frequency, be positive, live in the light, seek your truth and many other wonderful ideas. But in reality there is nothing more that Awareness of what is trying to wake up, to become conscious of its Self.

When you walk in the sun you cast a shadow. The Shadow is only the darkness created by an object obstructing the light. You can’t get rid of your Shadow unless you hide in a dark cave, and then your whole being is in shadow. On a cloudy day your shadow does not appear, but it is always with you.

I am Hawk, here to aid you in the embodiment of your Soul Purpose. When you find yourself in a space of darkness, confusion, fear, doubt or despair, know that the greater intensity of your shadow is created and defined by the increased clarity and intensity of light that is now shining through You.

Step into this Awareness from the Core Heart and receive the vision of Hawk. Knowing this Truth, feel the radiant warmth and receive the light of the Father constantly passing through You. Turn toward the light again and again. Honor the Dark Mother that gives birth to all Life. I leave you with Gratitude, Love and Respect for All Life.

Thank You Hawk

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Building the Dream with Vision and Grace

Wow, what a Full Moon! And the lunar eclipse that just passed is igniting a whole new reality from the pure potential that we all are. Sometimes this is felt as elation, other times as confusion or worse. Just know that you’re not alone, we’re all in this together. I’ve created several opportunities to help gain clarity and healing from Nature through the Animals and Trees. One way is to join my group healing call scheduled for Saturday at noon PDT. Find the call details here

I’ve just come out with an unadvertised special on two Core Awareness healing/coaching packages that are not even on the site yet. The first four spots are already taken, but I’ll be offering the next 6 spots to my loyal subscribers and callers at 40-60% off of comparable packages.

Give me a call if you’d like to set up a complimentary consultation 541-250-1378 or just choose a time available on this site

If you’ve been unsure about what I’m really doing here or how it might help you I highly recommend watching this video which gives great insight on the Animal Dreamtime and how it supports the planet…

Star Beings of Africa, The White Lions of Timbavati from Brad Laughlin on Vimeo.

This month is a time to build your Dream with the aid of Beaver representing Earth Mother. Bear carries the balance of Sky Father with help in knowing how and when to come out of hibernation harnessing our own unconscious power each day. Meanwhile Hawk soars into the sky of the Child Heart with a strong message of initiative and protection. Stay tuned for more from Animal Balance, subscribe to the journal on the right side of this blog...