Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Service

by David Wodtke

There’s a fine line between love and fear sometimes, odd though it sounds. How a person dedicated to love can turn so easily to despair is a paradox. I see it in myself and I see it in good people all around. We all see conditions in the world that tend toward desperate feelings. Those conditions have always existed to some extent, but they are increasing. There is a fundamental change in our relationship to the world and those around us. We’re being challenged in all our personal and global relationships during this time of uncertainty.

There is a deepening awareness and intimacy with all my relations, a linking of hearts and minds on levels beyond conscious awareness. And yet we are becoming conscious of it gradually. By listening to Nature through the awareness of the animal, plant and mineral tribes we may feel a great solace of the underlying harmony of Spirit.

Tapping into the human collective consciousness we find a desperate feeling of running on empty. The People in all their glorious potential have been fooled into an arrogance of separation from Life itself. In the name of Spirit or Science most have given over their free will.

But it’s not a done deal. Free choice exercises and strengthens the will. Humility before the Great Mystery of creation aligns that will to the highest good. Paradoxically, this “highest” good is not found up in the sky, but right under our feet. No, it is closer even than the hands or feet. The first steps on the path of humility help us to see the power and mystery as Mother, Father, Child, Friend, Earth, Sky, Animal, Plant or Stone. In this way we begin to open our hearts to the Oneness and freedom that is our birthright.


  1. congratulations on starting your blog, David! I can't wait to see all your posts.

  2. Bravo David! Lovely to see you here!
    I look forward to all you have to share!
    Walking in Oneness with you Brother!