Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hummingbird Meditation

Hummingbird, Your brilliant luminosity shines as you flit from flower to flower. At the park your bright orange radiance inspired me with a reminder of Spirit in Nature to honor the Presence of the hum of Joy in every speck of space and every particle of eternity! Do you wish to speak today?

Yes, I am Hummer. Today I bring the frequency of the orange ray that helps release all forms of fear and worry. I move up and down, forward, backward or any direction sipping the nectar of sweet flowers. I am the Hum, the Om, the Amen moving everywhere spreading pure Joy.

Let your body now fill with warm orange nectar and allow that warmth to soak deep into every cell and atom, every strand of your DNA. Let it warm and release anything that is unlike love.

Imagine the warm orange colored liquid entering through the bottoms of your feet now as glow or tingling sensation from deep in the Earth Mother. Feel it move up through the ankles and calves slowly filling every pore. It rises up through the legs and strength, through the lower abdomen as assurance, then slowly fills the stomach and solar plexus with confidence.

The warm orange colored liquid continues to rise surrounding the heart and filling the lungs with serenity, massaging the back and all tissues with a soothing sensation of relaxation and peace. This radiant liquid light rises up through the throat and neck into the head. The shoulders relax as warmth pours down through the arms and out to the hands and fingers.

Like a sponge, my radiance has the space to soak up all deeply ingrained darkness, the shadows that allow the wonder and beauty of the Earth to be drawn in exquisite detail. All ancestral fears, patterns, karmas, beliefs and attitudes that no longer serve Your Highest Good are now held in suspension in my warm orange radiant liquid.

Your entire body glows with the radiant love of Earth Mother.

Now open two corks at the bottoms of your feet and allow all of the liquid to drain back into Earth Mother. See all results of actions of the past, present or future dissolved into the orange colored liquid as it flows out of the head, through the neck, arms and shoulders, chest, torso, down through the legs and out the feet.

As the liquid drains you are more and more clear. You are free! You feel the vibration of Joy which holds all Creation in Her arms. You know that you are loved and you are love!

Father Mother Friend Beloved Child-Heart.

I am He, I am She, I am the Blessed One
I am Love

Thank You Hummingbird!

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  1. Very beautiful meditation David...

    May the Long-Time Sun Shine Upon You
    and bring you Peace...