Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Squirrel Speaks of Releasing the Wound

A squirrel came to the back yard with a fatal wound—barely jumping from the roof to a branch of the Cherry Tree, clinging there then moving a little further down the branch—in shock from an accident I suppose.

My friend, Squirrel, you came to say goodbye. I saw your last leap and though you barely held on you did not fall, but managed eventually to climb down the trunk to the ground before your death transition back to Mother Earth, the release from pain and suffering. So I honored this as your last wish, your instinct to be buried under that tree. Your body is now nourishment for her roots washed in heavy rain. Tree of Life, the sacred spiral takes you in.

Squirrel, will you speak?

Yes, I am Squirrel, singing a song for you and all of Earth’s Children from deep in the Core Heart of Mother/Father. My wordless song is a story and a reminder of both the beauty of life and impermanence. Thank you for honoring my body by offering it back to our Mother. Inside, deep inside your inner knowing you feel that what you did for me you did for yourself and for All Life. This is the foundation of Oneness, the unity consciousness which leads to Peace and Harmony.

As I walk my path on the good Blue Road of Spirit I offer you this message of hope for the world and for All that Is. My difficult passage from the roof top to the tree across the branch with guts hanging out is a symbol of woundedness and grief that is felt by humankind and held in the gut. It can be a gnawing empty feeling or a screaming rage. Who feels it knows it.

I am Squirrel, the gatherer who has helped you collect the seeds of the Heart’s Natural Love. That is the perpetual power that carried me across the branch, back to the Tree and down again to Earth. Having given my All I return to the Earth as you will also. Now I am with You in the Core Heart. Give back all your grief and pain and re-connect to the Tree of Life.

Feel the roots of life restore and rebirth You in the Core Heart and You will walk in Balance and Freedom again. With all my Love from the Animals, Plants and Stones, Thanks for listening with an open heart and Respect for All Life.

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