Friday, February 18, 2011

Like a Thief in the Night

(exerpt from this month's Animal Balance)

I filled the pond after the Racoons drained out most of the water by knocking the hose out of my stream. It feels like a direct result of my energy work there on the new moon.

Racoon, I call upon you in light and love. I invite your aid and positive energy for the highest good of all. Energy of love, energy of change, bless me with the Wisdom to see past the masks people put on and to see through the ignorance of ages: the false belief in the inherent, independent existence of people and things.

Dharmakaya, Maha Prakriti, Divine Mother, reveal Thyself in my Self and show me through the miracle of Love that I am free to choose any mask, any shape or form and yet remain aware of the formless absolute.

Above all help me with Abundant Love and Wisdom to shape my life in alignment with higher Will to bring the formless into form with beauty, compassion and loving-kindness.

Break me again and again until I see that I am unbreakable, unchangeable Spirit. Smelt my gold from dark ore in the fires of trial and difficulties until I laugh in full radiant awareness of Thy Grace which flows with effortless ease.

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