Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hawk eats Starling: Higher Vision versus group consciousness

Just after the Squirrel came to die in the back yard last Fall, I found a pile of feathers in the back yard under the Cherry Tree. A bird hawk had eaten a Starling. Later Little Dog brought me the head, very proud.

Hawk is the guardian and initiates higher vision. Starling is on who lives in a flock and carries the group dynamic to extremes sometimes. The mob mentality can overpower our best intentions and highest good sometimes.

The need for external validation—acceptance from family, friends or clan often overpowers the internal acceptance, the knowing Who We Really Are. At these times Hawk may come to devour the body of ignorance.

We are left feeling torn apart, like the poor Starling, but it is only meant to get us out of our head. It is the nourishment received from consuming the body of Starling that feeds the higher vision of Hawk.

Only by completely embracing the shadows long held in our collective unconscious will we grow into the higher consciousness of the Radiant Self.

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