Friday, July 29, 2011

Respect is just a slight shift of perspective

Part III of Animal Balance is an invitation from the Divine Mother and Child through Ant and Snake to move deeply into the family pathology to uncover the gift that is now available to us in the collective experience.

July 13, 2011

Snake will you speak Now? What understanding do you bring?

I am Snake, the guardian of the golden treasure, protector of the Golden Child within You. The loss you feels is the loss of Innocence, the fear of isolation arising from the misconception that your life is separate from All Life. Identification with the conditional arising of change brings all sorrows. Attachment to the body/mind brings the suffering of birth and death.

In Truth your Real Nature is Infinite and Changeless. Each death presupposes Rebirth and the continuity of Life as the Ouroboros symbolizes, Snake eating its own tail. When the pains of life bite you, call on the healing balm of Snake.

I am Snake and I am guiding all misplaced thoughts back to the Infinite Mind, the Infinite Source of Love. This begins with Respect for All Life. Remember that Respect is just a slight shift of perspective, a small jump along the medicine wheel, a tiny turn on the dimmer switch of Infinite Light that helps you see that you are not your troubles or your pain, or even your pleasure. These are temporary. You Are Infinite!

Respect means look again at the true Nature of reality and glimpse the Infinite within You. Attune to the Infinite Source of Inspiration, creative power and energy that flows naturally through You. I understand your sorrows and hold you in the pure loving Love of Who you Really are.

Thank You Snake

July 15, 2011

Ant Medicine serves the whole tribe, the ancestors and future generations. Ant, will you speak today?

Yes, I wait patiently for your request. I am Ant, here to help you through my example of undaunted perseverance and devotion to the Whole, the One. The human family has existed in a state of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual separation. In the current movement toward Unity consciousness you must first feel deeply into the old patterns of fear and loss that have been in the Group Mind for eons.

But as you move fully into the experience of what is in the Core Heart with the determination to Honor All that Is, you will feel greater connection to the Infinite Mind which is the Source of all Creative Power.

I am Ant, a mere insect without the higher functioning brain of the People. So I am naturally fearless and devoted to the Queen, the Divine Mother. Earth Mother has sent me to help the People persevere in their devotion to one another and to the One Core Heart. As one by one and day by day you connect to the Core Heart you create a path for others to follow with Love, Respect and Gratitude.

The Purification extends inward and outward, to past and future from the Present to All that Is. When you heal the Self of the misconception of separation you create a chain, like Ants in a row, a chain reaction that brings healing to the Ancestors, the Earth and all future generations.

Follow my lead and persevere with the assurance of your highest Self who knows only Truth, Bliss and Unity. With Gratitude from the One Core Heart.

Thank You Ant

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