Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Realignment of the Collective Unconscious

In Part II of Animal Balance Moose brings encouragement and energy to help move the rewiring of the Earth grids and the ancestral patterns that have held many of us for so long. Moose helps us move into a balanced place of Self Esteem as we shed these skins.

July 8, 2011

Moose steps in and bellows as a strong wind of change is felt:

I am brave!
I am strong!

Every ending is a new beginning. In every Death lies Rebirth. Every challenge is an opportunity to dive deeper into the waters of life to grasp the nourishing Truth of Who I Am.

I am Love and Sympathy!
I am Charming and Magnetic!
I am Pleased with All!

And I feel the deeper call of my highest good, the only real Purpose: to Love and be Loved. I am a channel for Grace.

July 9, 2011

Ant is that you? Yes, I am Ant, here for Mother Earth. There is an adjustment in the Earth that may be described as a pause and a rewiring or realignment of the collective unconscious, the Group Mind and thought patterns that give rise to the physical through the subtle energetic bodies which you experience through feeling.

July 12, 2011

Moose is here for the Father Sky. Yet Moose brings a strong presence of the primal feminine, the Void and the Magic of Life and Death. Moose as Father honors this Earth Life as a crucible for evolving Spirit. Moose, Will you speak today?

Yes, I am Moose of the North. My large size and noble stature balance the tiny Ant this month and represent the expansive knowledge and power that rise from inner connection to Who You Are. As you dive into the Ocean of All that Is again and again you feel a shift of perception that allows a new course of action and non-action.

Honoring, forgiving and letting go of past action allows you to heal the collective ancestral patterns that held you for so long. That is why family patterns and relationship struggles are coming to the surface. These challenges are opportunities to shed skins that no longer serve the highest good of All.

Snake feeds this energy as the collective rise in vibration brings forth the unique gifts of each One from the ashes of the collective Shadow. True self-esteem honors the light in each One even when they stand in darkness.

I am Moose! With my large antlers I draw in the awareness of a new world of beauty which emerges from the chaos. I stand strong on four legs holding to Earth Mother as she awakens in You new sensitivity. Stand with me that you may stand unshaken amidst the crash of breaking worlds in Trust and Patience.

With All my Love and Respect I give Thanks for the emergence of Who You Really Are!

Thank You Moose.

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