Friday, October 21, 2011

Moving swiftly toward Unity: Antelope Speaks

Antelope speaks of the power of action, adaptability and insulation from the elements along with the ability to derive abundance even through times of drought.

Antelope, I know and feel your presence in the aspect of the Earth Mother now. Will you speak? Yes, very soon I will speak. Just for now feel the presence of my protecting love deeper and deeper in your Core Heart and surrounding you like a thick hide that insulates you from all concerns. Watch for signals in the distance, for however distant I appear I am ever with you. Listen deeply and be ready to move on the swift winds of Peace and Joy that blow through your disquietude.

Antelope comes quickly from the Earth Mother to ease the restless heart and adapt to the inner and outer environment as it presents itself.

“I am strong and self-assured as I return to centered, grounded focus on the Truth in my Core Heart.”

Antelope, is that you? Yes! I am Antelope, creature of the plains. I move with great speed and draw sustenance from a sometimes barren and arid environment. I receive all the moisture I need from the plants I eat and I receive signals from others in my family over great distances.

My horns connect me to the higher vibrations and my four hooves connect me to the Earth, even as I fly like the wind! In this time of great change I will help you to become more aware of the Signals you receive from your spiritual family and to feed yourself from the ever-Present Love that is the water of life.

You constantly receive signals as thoughts and feelings. If you feel in the dark, stuck and uncertain, then you are receiving the vibrations of the shadow frequencies: the grief and despair that are so prevalent in the world now. But take this to heart – any thought or feeling you receive, any signal from the outside has a relative frequency in you. Respect All Life!

When up feel life is getting you down it is time to draw from the Core Heart the fire of compassion and forgiveness. Burn the seeds of sorrow in the blaze of awakening Truth: You are a Child of the One Mother, Father, Creator fully endowed with the Light of the Soul!

I am Antelope, here to remind you that the Mother comes quickly when She hears her Child crying in the wilderness. Offer all sorrows, desires, doubts, hopes and expectations to the Divine Mother and bask in the warmth of Her glowing Presence. Then You will be a beacon of light and your Soul spark will ignite the Heart’s Natural Love in many others. All my Love and Gratitude is with You.

Thank You Antelope!

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